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Connexions Document Library
Old Alphabetical List of Online Articles (to 2006)

This list of documents in the Connexions Library for which the full text is available online was compiled in 2006.

For up-to-date lists, see the current Connexions Title Index, Author Index, and Subject Index, or use the Search feature.


Abandoning the Public Interest - The neo-liberal drive to cut red tape is costing lives. Exposing the hidden costs of deregulation and privatization. (CX5282). Also available in French and Spanish.

Abortion Stays Legal - Bill C-43 was defeated in 1991, keeping abortion legal in Canada. (CX5076).

Activism Under Attack - Canadian democracy is in danger when activism is attacked. (CX3817)

Addressing the Violence: My Roadmap to Peace - By Eyad El Sarraj. (2006). (CX5662).

The Affirmations of Humanism - A statement of humanist principles (1997). (CX5646).

African-Americans and Black Oppressors - African Americans and their relationship to Africa. (CX5034).

Against All Odds - The shadow haunting the power structure is the danger that those who are controlled will realize they are powerless only so long as they think they are. Once people stop believing they are powerless the whole edifice is in danger of collapse. (CX5283).

Aid Cut - Canada keeps cutting foreign aid while pretending it isn't. (CX4354).

Akwesasne - The history of the Mohawks of Akwesasne and the events and conditions that led up to the violence of 1989. (CX5023).

America's Last Taboo - By Edward Said. The unspoken premise of the mainstream press is that no Palestinian or Arab position on Israeli police terror, settler-colonialism, or military occupation is worth hearing from. November 2002. (CX5265).

Amnesty: The Inside Story - How does Amnesty International obtain its information? (CX4720).

Amnesty International Report - Israel/Lebanon: Deliberate destruction or “collateral damage”? Israeli attacks on civilian infrastructure - August 23, 2006. (CX 5390).

Anarchism vs. Marxism - Anarchist critiques of Marxism typically reveal a lack of knowledge of what Karl Marx actually wrote, resulting in sterile denunciations of a straw-man opponent. Also available in Spanish. (CX5144).

Anecdotes tell dramatic story of British Underground Press - A frank look back at what made the British underground press tick. (CX5215).

Anti-Immigrant, Anti-Woman, Anti-Sex: The U.S./UN Crusade Against 'Sex Trafficking' - Kidnapping, debt bondage, sexual assault, beatings - for any purpose - are horrible crimes. But there is a qualitative distinction between this kind of coercion and the fundamentally consensual act between a prostitute and her client to exchange money for sex. (CX5346).

Anti-racists who question Zionism are not racists - By Stephen Gowans. Anyone who criticizes the actions of the Israeli government runs the risk of being labelled anti-Semitic by those who want to silence all criticism of Israel. July 2001. (CX5258).

Anti-semitism and the Beirut Pogrom - By Fredy Perlman. The long exile is over; the persecuted refugee at long last returns to Zion, but so badly scarred he’s unrecognizable, he has completely lost his self; he returns as anti-Semite, as Pogromist, as mass murderer; the ages of exile and suffering are still included in his makeup, but only as self-justifications. 1983. (CX5587).

The Arab Choice - Arabs are many peoples, cultures, religions, and realities. I cannot put an Arab tyrant, whoever he is, in the same category as a martyr for democracy like Mehdi Ben Barka. (CX4166).

Arms and the Woman - The modern revolutionary movement must destroy this opposition of pleasure-activity, sensitivity- lucidity, conception-execution, habit-innovation. (CX5186).

The Art of Cause Marketing (Book Review) - This book explains how to craft a public service campaign. (CX5245).

Ask yourself...Do You Really Want More Censorship? - Censorship is dangerous and feminists who support it are wrong-headed. (CX4352).

Atomic Sludge Monster Devours Edmonton!! - The nuclear industry was facing tough times, so they needed to diversify. (CX5102).

Bain Co-op Meets Wages for Housework - The story of the struggle that gave birth to a housing co-operative and destroyed the credibility of the 'Wages for Housework' sect. (CX5128)

Bakunin vs. Marx - The anarchist-Marxist split started with Bakunin, who systematically misrepresented Marx's positions.An elaboration on the points set out in Anarchism vs. Marxism. Also available in Spanish. (CX5147)

Ballad of the Peace Pushers - Poem for peace. (CX5093).

Bangladesh: Of Disasters and Disastrous Development - Dispossession, disparities in land distribution, and inappropriate development strategies in Bangladesh. (CX5036).

The beauty of wind farms - Windmills are beautiful. They harness the power of the wind to supply us with heat and light. They provide local jobs. They help clean our air and reduce climate change. (CX5355).

A Better World: Program of the Worker-communist Party of Iran - (1994-1997). (CX5395).

Beyond Judgement - Concepts and realities of escape and rebellion in the context of the Holocaust. (CX5018).

Billboard Liberation Front - Strategies for improving outdoor advertising. (CX5047).

Birth Control - The Vatican condemns any form of birth control, yet they profit from a company which sells birth control pills. (CX5077).

The Bisexual Identity: Changing Perspectives on Sexuality: Contributions of Kinsey and Anthropologists - Kinsey and his study of bisexuality. (CX5017).

The Bomb Won't Go Away on its Own - Our task is to break out of this closed self-justifying system by depriving governments of the passive populations they need, by refusing to accept the choices we are offered and instead becoming active participants pressuring them to accept our proposals. (June 1982). (CX5618).

Bookchin on Technology - Murray's Bookchin's arguments for a liberatory technology. (CX5148).

Books of Interest - Reference and other books for writers, journalists and researchers. June 2006. (CX5296).

Boreal Forests in Crisis - Canada will lose its boreal forests if logging continues at the current rate. (CX4349).

The Bread Index - Health, social problems linked to bread. (CX5336).

A Brief History of the Medical Reform Group 1979 - 1994 - (CX5209)

Building Blocks for Peace in the Middle East - By Johan Galtung. The minimal demands of both sides are compatible and legitimate; the maximum demands lead to endless war. (CX5391)

The bureaucracy remains - The government may change but the bureaucracy remains. (CX4172).

Bury the Seventies and the Eighties - Women have madegreat progress but the struggle continues. (CX5053).

The Call for Boycott, Sanctions and Divestment Against Israeli Apartheid. - Boycott Factsheet. 2006. (CX5385).

Can the NDP be Socialist? - Simon Rosenblum argues that the left should work to transform the NDP, not ignore it. (CX5157).

Canada Post: Profits Before People - Behind the efforts to privatize one of its oldest public institutions. (CX5058).

Canada to Allow New Arms Sales - Canada is expanding its exports of arms. (CX5092).

Canada's Distorted Electoral System - Canada's electoral system is undemocratic.. (CX5287).

Canada's Water: Resource War #2? - Wars are usually fought over ideologies or natural resources. Canada should be concerned given its rich deposits of natural resources. (CX5086).

Canadian Organic Farmers support organic products regulation in Canada - "The organic regulation will help put Canadian agriculture on the path towards sustainability."

The Capital Punishment Debate - Capital punishment make us all complicit in killing, and degrades us as a society. (CX5284). Also available in French and Spanish.

Caring for Earth Mother - A poem. (CX5206).

Carter's Inconvenient Truths - The reason that Israel has been able to appropriate Palestine unto itself with American aid and support is that Israel controls the explanation of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. At least 90% of Americans, if they know anything at all of the issue, know only the Israeli propaganda line. CounterPunch. (CX5578).

The Case for a Nuclear-Free Canada - Nuclear power will not be the saviour to our power problems, rather, it is only making matters worse. (CX4000).

CBC left-wing? - A piece questioning the CBC's place on the left-right spectrum. (CX5061).

Challenged Books List - A partial list of books subjected to censorship attempts in Canada from the early 1980s to 2003. (CX5298).

Christopher Who? Discovering the Americas - Columbus seen as a conqueror. (CX5031).

Citizens for Local Democracy - Fighting for democracy and against the Harris government.. (CX5300).

Citizens Groups Scores Success in Anti-lead Battle - Citizens fight lead pollution in their neighbourhood. (CX4704).

A Coalition of the Killing - War, media, propaganda and language. (CX5331).

Cohousing and Sustainability - How co-housing promotes social, economic and ecological sustainability. (CX5334).

Cohousing Frequently Asked Questions - (CX5332).

The collective decides... - Collective decision making doesn't always work as well in practice as in theory. (CX4174B).

Common Sense - Thomas Paine's justification of revolution. 1776. (CX5677).

Communicating Effectively Through Your Newsletter - Helpful suggestions for producing an effective, high quality newsletter. También disponible en español: Como Comunicarse De Manera Efectiva A Través De Un Boletín Informativo. (CX4174C)

The Communist Manifesto - (Karl Marx & Friedrich Engels, 1848). CX5388).

Communists in Italy - Eurocommunism in practice. (CX5140).

The Competition Myth - The real meaning of the last 25 years. (CX5303).

Conflict Resolution in the Classroom - A curriculum project. (CX4708)

Connexions Digest - Online - Reviews, abstracts, articles, and resources from the Connexions Digest.

Connexions Digest Master Keyword Index (#45 to #54) - Keyword Index for items published in the Connexions Digest, issues 45 through 54. (CX4902).

Connexions Digest Master Name Index (#45 to #54) - Author/Title/Contributor Index for items published in the Connexions Digest, issues 45 through 54. (CX4901).

Connexions Digest Collected Network News Items 1987 - 1992 - Compiled 'Network News' items published in the Connexions Digest, issues 45 - 54. (CX4905).

Connexions Digest Collected News Briefs 1989 - 1992 - Compiled news summaries published in the Connexions Digest, issues 50 - 54. (CX4906).

Connexions Directory A - Z Index - Listings from the Connexions Annual/Connexions Directory.

Connexions Links - Selected Internet sites featuring information about alternatives

Contamination: The Poisonous Legacy of Ontario's Environmental Cutbacks - The story of Ontario's right-way Harris government, which gutted health and environmental protection polices, leading to the Walkerton water disaster.
Aussi disponible en français: Contamination: L'Héritage Vénéneux des coupures écologiques de l'Ontario.
También disponible en español: Contaminación: El envenenante legado de los recortes ambientales de Ontario. (CX5285).

Co-op programs - Student co-op programs can be useful and rewarding for both the non-profit group and the students. From "Media for Social Change." (CX5012).

Countering Zionist propaganda about Hizbullah and Lebanon - By Henry Lowi. Nothing will change until the people of Palestine, Arabs and Jews, rise up to change the rules of the game, and rebuild the country on a new basis that respects democracy and human rights and good-neighbourly relations. July 18, 2006. (CX5268)

Creating Media Alternatives - Alternatives and suggestons for creating independent media. From "Media for Social Change." (CX5011).

The Crisis of Dialectical Materialism and Libertarian Socialism - An view of Marxism and libertarian socialism. (CX5133).

Critique of the Gotha Programme - Karl Marx's critique of the programme adopted by congress to unite the two German socialist parties in 1875. (CX5582)

Cuts, Canadian Culture, and the CBC - Canadian drama gives us a sense of community. (CX5213)

Cynicism from Above, Cynicism from Below - Contradictions of the Eastern European bureaucracies in 1980. (CX5188)

Dances with Guilt - Why are some men violent? (CX5286). También disponible en español.

Dean's Digital World - What's new online for researchers and journalists. June 2006. (CX5295).

Defence Without Armies - The word 'defence' is often associated with the word 'violence.' However, Social Defence represents a different perspective. (CX5048).

The Deficit Is No Accident - The deficit and national debt were created intentionally by politicians of both parties, to destroy social programs which give working people some protection against unrestrained corporate power. (CX5304).

The Destructive Urge - Marxism's greatest discovery is that it cannot prescribe any science of revolution, any fail-safe program. On the contrary what it provides is a new question, a new responsibility to make a choice. (CX5167).

Dialogue on Development - A discourse between a Third World citizen and a Canadian. (CX5094).

A Directed Approach to Worker Co-op Development: Lessons from Mondragon and Northern Italy - Learning from experiences in developing worker co-ops. (CX4721).

Disaster and Mental Health: The Palestinian Experience - By Eyad El Sarraj and Samir Qouta. The continuing Israeli military occupation of Gaza is the cause of deep and widespread trauma for Palestinian children and adults. 2005. (CX5641).

Do I Divest? - By Archbishop Desmond Tutu. If apartheid ended, so can this occupation, but the moral force and international pressure will have to be just as determined. November 2002. (CX5280).

Dobbin rebuts back - Murray Dobbin responds to the Green Party (CX5339).

Does The US Military Want To Kill Journalists? - Are the killings of journalists by the U.S. merely accidents, or are they deliberate? (CX5329).

Don't Forget to Write - Writing letters to the editor is an effective way of getting publicity for your point of view. (CX5235).

Draft for Marxist-Humanist Perspectives 2006 - 2007 - News & Letters (2006). (CX5389).

Dressing for TV - Advice for what to wear when you are going to be interviewed on television. (CX5232).

Dr. Makdisi on a one-state solution - Dr. Makdisi puts the case for a single democratic secular state encompassing Israel/Palestine (video clip). (CX5628).

Ecodefence: Disrupting Illegal Activities - What to do when you witness environmental crimes. (CX5111).

The Ecological Benefits of Marijuana - The decriminalization of cannabis would not only have important medicinal implications, but also positive economic consequences and largescale environmental benefits. (CX5039).

Ecology Watch - Poverty has been identified as a major cause of environmental degradation in courtries such as Guatemala. (CX5067).

Economic Power Struggle In The USSR: Soviet Workers Press For Self-Management - Reflecting on the power struggle between the Russian mafia and the workers in the 1990's . (CX5049).

Econet on Web: Computer Networking for Educators - Networking can be a valuable resource for teachers, especially on environmental topics. (CX5075).

Effective Media Relations - Media relations is human relations. Journalism is about telling compelling stories about people and their lives. (CX5254).

Eight Best Books for Publicity Seekers - Good resources for people working on getting publicity for their cause. (CX5246).

The End of Dialectical Materialism - An anarchist reply to the libertarian Marxists. (CX5152).

Entrepreneurs Convert Landfill Gas into an Alternative Source of Energy - New technology is presenting alternatives for the generation of energy from landfill gases.. (CX5064)

Epilogue to 'Underground to Palestine' - I. F. Stone's epilogue to his first-hand account of the movement of Jewish refugees from Europe to Palestine. 1946. (CX5620).

Equality for Women? - David Irving's toxic views. (CX5078).

Ethical Mutual Funds, Screening the Screens - Ethical Mutual Funds are important to the growth of social programs and services in Canada. (CX5091).

Everything you wanted to know about sects but were afraid to ask - We would rather fight for what we want (even if we don't get it in our lifetime) than fight for what we don't want ... and get it. (CX5150).

Exclusive! The Red Menace Interviews Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau - A most enlightening interview. (CX5127).

Execution Day in Zhengzhou - A first-hand account of an execution day. (CX5051).

The Exploitation Explosion - Female workers in developing countries are undervalued and underpaid. (CX5105).

The Extraodinary Myles Horton - An interview with Myles Horton. (CX4712).

Eye of the storm - Wind farms are provoking fierce opposition from an increasingly organised countryside lobby. (CX5338).

A Field Guide to Critical Thinking - Rules of evidential reasoning. (CX5046).

Flying High: Five sure ways to get your business soaring - Ways of raising your profile. (CX5242).

For Our Common Future - A proposal for research done on our common future. (CX3815)

Foreword to A.S. Neill: Summerhill - A Radical Approach to Child Rearing - A. S. Neill’s system is a radical approach to child rearing. In my opinion, his book is of great importance because it represents the true principle of education without fear. (CX5370).

The free trade disaster: round two - Free trade is a disaster for Canada -- and Mexico. (CX4168)

Freedom of Speech Under Siege - Censorship is the handmaiden of a police state. (CX5323).

Friendly Faxing - When you communicate by fax, keep these tips in mind. (CX5236)

From the Editor of Green Living - To satiate North America's addiction to high electricity consumption, the popular solution is war. (CX5074).

A Fundraising Success - Fundraising is key to any successful NGO operation: Advice on fundraising strategy. (CX4711).

Funeral Oration for the Athenian War Dead - Pericles on Athenian democracy and Athens' strength. 430 B.C. (CX5676).

Get the Internet working for you - A Web site works best when it is integrated into a co-ordinated communications strategy.(CX5233).

Getting Organized - Advice on the basics of Public Relations (PR). From "Media for Social Change." (CX5006).

Getting the Goods: Information in B.C. - A book valuable beyond the circle of writers and researchers. Many chapters contain pertinent information for the average person who needs a starting point for his or her research. (CX5220).

Getting the most from interviews - Tips for getting the most from media interviews. (CX5231).

Girl Child: A Mother's Grief - A tragic tale. (CX5041).

Global Militarism and the Environment - The connection between militarism and environmental damage. (CX5099).

Die Globale Teleuberwachung des 21. Jahrhunderts - Es entsteht zur Zeit eine globale Teleüberwachung, die sich von allen ethischen oder diplomatischen Voreingenomenheiten freimacht. (CX5308).

Globalizing the left - The Canadian trade union movement has to put greater emphasis on using its global ties to prevent multinational companies from shifting their operations to low wage countries.. (CX4169).

A Goal for National Survival: 50% Canadian TV Content - The destruction of the CBC would be the greatest disaster to befall Canada. (CX5212).

The Goodwin's Award for Excellence in Alternative Journalism - 3rd year - Winners of the 3rd annual Goodwin's Awards for alternative journalism. (CX5217).

The Goodwin's Award for Excellence in Alternative Journalism - 4th year - Winners of the 4th annual Goodwin's Awards for alternative journalism. (CX5219).

Grassroots Cells, Devil's Architects Defend Communities - Review of The Householder's Guide to Community Defence Against Bureaucratic Aggression. (CX3575)

Great Lakes Spills Pose Toxic Health Risks...Cover Story - As the largest source of fresh water in the world, and a primary trading route, pollution and the possiblity of toxic spills in the Great Lakes have the potentional to adversely affect millions. (CX5072).

Greed Beyond Belief - Grief and greed. (CX5026).

Green Municipalism - A green municipalist analysis offers valuable perspectives but can become a straightjacket if it is seen as 'the' answer. (CX5289).

The GST in the Big Tax Picture - The GST is part of the Tory program of making the rich richer. (CX4003).

Hanging On! Native media are surviving, but for how long? - Native media are struggling to survice. (CX4357).

Hanging on by our Fingernails - The West offers a false sense of security, and we are all at risk. (CX5097).

Harper: the Grim Reaper of Canadian politics - Harper as Prime Minister would be a disaster for Canada. (CX5351).

Health News Briefs 1987- 1991 - (CX5207)

Health News Briefs 1992- 1994 - (CX5208)

Hierarchy of Salaries and Incomes - The official ideology's justification of hierarchy does not coincide with either logic or reality. (CX5162)

How to Deal with The Lobby The De-Zionization of the American Mind - Countering the influence of the Zionist lobby. (CX5380).

How to Lobby like a Pro - To reach the government with your message you need to lobby like a pro. (CX5234)

How You Can Help Make A Difference - Strategies for treading more lightly on the environment. (CX4722).

Hungary 56 - Andy Anderson's powerful account of the 1956 Hungarian revolt. (CX5382).

I was a psychic for the FBI - Parapsychological con games. (CX5183).

I.F. Stone: A Wonderful Pariah - (CX5657).

If Israel Has the Right to Use Force in Self-Defense, So Do Its Neighbours - By Amad Samih Khalidi. There is no reason why Israel should be able to enter Arab sovereign soil to occupy, destroy, kidnap and eliminate its perceived foes - repeatedly, with impunity and without restraint - while the Arab side cannot do the same. July 18, 2006. (CX5276).

If This Story Needs Fixing, Don't Call Us - Just Call THEM - The Department of Corrections. (CX5028).

Immigration Should Be Social Not Economic Says Economic Council - A study conducted by the Economic Council of Canada reveals the positive impact of immigration on the Canadian lifestyle and economy. (CX5071).

In Defense of Sex and Science - A review of the film ’Kinsey’. (CX5349).

In 1492, What Did Columbus Really Do? - For the indigenous peoples of the Americas, for black people and for many others, there's nothing to celebrate in 1992. From the perspective of these people, Columbus' Caribbean landing was not a discovery, but an armed invasion. (1990) (CX5032).

In Print: Maximizing Coverage of Charity Activities in Community Newspapers - How to get your organization's activities covered in community newspapers. (CX5244).

Inaugural Address of the International Workingmen's Association - Karl Marx's speech to the founding congress of the First International in 1864. (CX5580).

Indoor Air Quality: No Scents is Good Sense - Establishing a scent-free workplace. (CX5322).

International Workingmen's General Rules - Rules of the First International, adopted at its founding congress in 1864. (CX5581).

An Interview with Karl Marx - A reporter for the New York World interviews Karl Marx. (CX5169).

Interview with Ulli Diemer - Jeff Orchard interviews Ulli Diemer about socialism, capitalism, life, and social change. Also available in Spanish. (CX5202)

Introduction to the Connexions Annual - Also available in French and Spanish.

Introduction to the Arts, Media, Culture section of the Connexions Annual
Introduction to the Community, Urban, Housing section of the Connexions Annual
Introduction to the Development, International section of the Connexions Annual
Introduction to the Economy, Poverty, Work section of the Connexions Annual
Introduction to the Education, Children section of the Connexions Annual
Introduction to the Environment, Land Use, Rural section of the Connexions Annual
Introduction to the Health section of the Connexions Annual
Introduction to the Human Rights, Civil Liberties section of the Connexions Annual
Introduction to the Lesbians, Gays section of the Connexions Annual
Introduction to the Native Peoples section of the Connexions Annual
Introduction to the Peace section of the Connexions Annual
Introduction to the Women section of the Connexions Annual
Collected Introductions to all sections of the Connexions Annual
Resource and Reading List from the Connexions Annual

Introduction to Media Guide - An introduction to "Media for Social Change." (CX5005).

Introduction to The Red Menace - An introduction to, and the mission statement of, the libertarian socialist publication, The Red Menace. (CX5113)

Introduction to the Spring 1978 issue of The Red Menace (CX5137).

Inventing tax rage - The propaganda campaign to invent tax rage.. (CX5345).

Investing in a Sustainable Future - Cerro Gordo is a community initiative designed for a more symbiotic approach with nature. (CX5066).

The Iraq Crisis in Context - A rogue state, heavily armed with weapons of mass destruction, openly contempuous of international law and the United Nations, plunges the world into crisis. (CX5290). Also available in French , Spanish and Greek.

Is the Media Your Message? - Mainstream media are good for getting exposure, but for social change activists they may not be the best avenue. From "Media for Social Change." (CX5001).

Is your Web site media-friendly? - How to make your Web site media-friendly. (CX5252).

Israel boycott may be the way to peace
December 15, 2006. The non-violent international response to apartheid was a campaign of boycott, divestment and UN-imposed sanctions which enabled the regime to change without bloodshed. We should try to follow the same route to a just peace. (CX5401).

Israel will withdraw only under pressure.
By Israel Shahak. The overwhelming majority of the Jewish public has been determined since 1967 not to relinquish any territory except if forced to do so. 1991. (CX5383).

Israeli violations of human rights and international humanitarian law in the occupied Palestinian territories - Speech by Professor Jeff Halper, Coordinator Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions. Halper focuses on the fact that "virtually all of Israel's occupation of Palestinian lands violates human rights conventions and especially the Fourth Geneva Convention that forbids an occupying power from making its presence a permanent one." June 20, 2002. (CX5255).

Israel's left apologists - Criticism of Israel is not anti-Semitism. December 9, 2002. (CX5257).

It Ain't the Meeting, It's the Motion - A guide to conducting productive and inclusive meetings in the context of social change. (CX4716)

It Pays to Kick - A poem about two frogs. (CX5081).

James Bay Development Will Cause Cultural Genocide, Cree Chief Says - Quebec's James Bay hydroelectric plant construction could be disastrous for the Cree. (CX5100).

The Junk Food Economy - Young people entering the workforce face a junk food economy. (CX4355).

Know thy Enemy - A poem by Christopher Logue.(CX5114)

The Leninist Facade - In direct opposition to what Marx advocated, the Bolsheviks tried to institute socialism without democracy. The damage to the socialist movement resulting from this was immense. (CX5179).

The Lessons of Amish Agriculture - Amish agriculture offers valuable eco-lessons to those interested in organic, earth-friendly farming. (CX5057).

Let's Stop Kidding Ourselves About the NDP - Canadian socialists are terribly reluctant to give up their illusions about the NDP. Also available in French: Arrêtons de se faire des illusions. (CX5291).

Let's Wage War for Energy Independence - The Gulf War was to expel Saddam Hussein from Kuwait. At least that's what our government wants us to believe. (CX5090).

Letter From New York - Child poverty and deaths. (CX5083).

Letter to Palestinian and Lebanese Filmmakers from Israeli Filmmakers - We unequivocally oppose the brutality and cruelty of Israeli policy. July 22, 2006. (CX5277).

Libel law is dangerous - Libel laws threaten freedom of speech. (CX4353).

Libertarian Socialism - An analysis of libertarian socialism. (CX5132).

Life Of Death: An Exchange - Attempting a normal life while occupied and witnessing the atrocities of the holocaust. (CX5019).

Like Recycled Paper? Try Reused - Recycling paper is great, but reusing is even better.. (CX5073).

Listen, Marxist! - Social revolutions are not "made" by "parties," groups, or cadres; they occur as a result of deep-seated historic forces and contradictions that activate large sections of the population. (CX5595).

Little Brother Watches Back - A story about margins, mainstream, and media criticism. (CX4715).

Living and Learning - The Report of the Provincial Committee on Aims and Objectives of Education in the Schools of Ontario (the Hall-Dennis Report). (CX5636).

Looking at the Conference - Ashley Chester comments on the Popular Education Conference. (CX5116).

Looking for Democracy - Democracy in Eastern Europe? Wonderful! But how about some more democracy here? (CX3573)

Mailing List Know-How - Your mailing list is one of the cornerstones of a good communications strategy. (CX5237)

The Main Characteristics of Cohousing - (CX5333).

Making Changes: Transforming Apathy and Denial - Thoughts on people, power and participation. (CX3999)

Making their Voices Heard - An account of international solidarity work in El Salvador. (CX4703)

Managing Volunteers, Building Consensus, Nurturing Creativity - (CX4707)

Manifest Destiny: A Native Perspective on 1992 - 1992 will be a year of mourning for North American Indians; a mourning for the fragmentation and loss of our traditional way of life. (CX5204)

Manifesto of the Socialist Party of Canada - (1910). (CX5375).

Manifesto of Surrealism - Andre Breton. (1924). (CX5863).

Manifesto of the Third Camp Against U.S. Militarism and Islamic Terrorism - (2006). (CX5399).

Manifestos - Programs - Visions - Selected political programs, vision statements and manifestos.

The March - An account of a peace march. (CX4702)

Marriage and the Capitalist State: For the Right of Gay Marriage...and Divorce - Gays and lesbians ought to have the right to marry — but they shouldn’t have to. (CX5350).

Maximizing Coverage in Community Newspapers - How to get coverage for your cause in community newspapers. (CX5249).

Media for Social Change Bibliography - The bibliography for "Media for Social Change." (CX5013).

Media Relations (review) - A book that helps you conquer the challenges of dealing effectively with the media. (CX5248).

Meeting Collectively - The Connexions collective describes its way of holding meetings and recent changes to its meeting process. (CX4729)

Meeting the Media - Dealing with the media can be a less than thrilling experience, but it's a necessary one. From "Media for Social Change.". (CX5002).

Meetings: Alexandra Devon Responds - The author's response to criticisms of It Ain't the Meeting, It's the Motion. (CX4718)

Memories of the Depression - Daily life experience during the Great Depression. (CX5054).

Mexican Environment Laws. - Mexico's lax environmental laws. (CX5060).

Microsoft vs General Motors - If Microsoft made cars. (CX5325).

The Middle East Conflict - A selection of resources for those looking for a solution to the Middle East crisis based on peace, justice, and human rights.

Midwives Acquitted - An historic decision by the Supreme Court of Canada clears midwives on charges in a case of death during a home birth. (CX5087).

Misogyny Reflected in Grocery Line Checkout - Checking out the popular media at the grocery checkout. (CX5089).

Moscow Gangsters - A conversation with Boris Kagarlitsky, a Russian social activist. (CX4351).

Move Along - A personal story of racism. (CX5104).

Multiphasic Bureaucratic Follow the Leader Exam - (With Built-in Deception Detector). (CX5138).

The Need for Alternative Employment - We must start creating an alternative economy among ourselves. (CX3574).

New Approach to Crime: Blame The Victim Instead - Blaming the victims of sexual assault. (CX5033).

New Bishops' Report Says Workers In Canada Are In Crisis - The Canadian Bishops' Social Affairs Commision has harsh criticisms of the Canadian economy. (CX5101).

New book describes a century of Jewish opposition to Zionism" - January 2006. (CX5259).

New on the bookshelf - Reviews of recent books on publicity and media relations. (CX5250).

A New Way to Solve Problems: Do it like Zidane - Video clip illustrating the Zidane® approach to solving problems. (CX5622).

New World Order: A postwar Analysis - Everyone is allowed to play the game, so long as it's according to the U.S. rules.. (CX5042).

News and Dissent - A study of how the mainstream media treat war, peace, and dissent. (CX5221).

News Conferences - Basic guidelines for conducting news conferences. From "Media for Social Change." . (CX5010).

News Media Stifle Ideas and Debate - Review of Democracy's Oxygen: How Corporations Control the News. (CX5228).

News Releases - The hows and whys of preparing and distributing media releases From "Media for Social Change." (CX5009).

News Releases That Work - Media relations know-how: News releases that work. (CX5239).

The 1990 Prague Appeal - The peaceful transition of Europe is unthinkable without the full observance of all human and civil rights. (CX4002).

1992: A White Christian Perspective - (CX5203).

1992: Theology of Self-Discovery Offers Hope - (CX5205).

No Action on Human Rights - The Mulroney Tories are doing nothing at all about human rights.. (CX4171).

No Scents Makes Sense - Many people are adversely affected by the chemicals in scented products. (CX5321).

No Strikes in Canada Over Health Care - The health care systems in Canada and the U.S. are very different, leading to different approaches to disagreements, and significantly different outcomes. (CX5070).

Now is the time to prepare for retirement - You prepare for retirement in the way you lead your life long before retirement. (CX5055).

Nurturing your relationships with reporters - Our relationships with journalists need to be maintained over time in order to be fruitful. (CX5241)

Obscenity Exposed - The police definition of 'obscenity' gets right to the crux of the question. (CX5151)

On the US-Israeli Invasion of Lebanon - The supposed justifications for the invasion are a cynical fraud. 2006. (CX5387).

101 Web Sites for Inquiring Minds - Websites for inquring minds to check out. (CX5211)

One Vote for Democracy - The 'consensus' model of group decision-making rarely works well. The democratic model is better both in principle and in practice. Aussi disponible en français: Un vote pour la démocratie. También disponible en español: Un Voto por la Democracia. (CX4717)

An ongoing debate - The Red Menace is meant to be a forum of dissenting views withing the broadly defined boundaries of libertarian socialism. (CX5146).

Organizing in a small town - Experiences organizing in an Ontario community. (CX5119).

Our Little Victory - Organizing against Litton in Prince Edward Island.. (CX4705).

Our Transportation Future - The billions of dollars proposed to be spent on roads would be better invested in electrifying the main rail lines in Canada. (CX4173).

Our Two Cents' Worth - More analysis of the Popular Education Conference.. (CX5117).

Out of the Driver's Seat: Marxism in North America Today - Perspectives from the Windsor Labour Centre. 1974. (CX5597).

Overcoming Male Oppression - Group problems to be aware of and challenge. (CX4710).

Palestinian Civil Society Calls for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Against Israel - A call for sanctions against Israel until it complies with international law and universal principles of human rights. July 9, 2006. (CX5384).

A Parable of Pigs - A parable. (CX5059).

Parcel of Rogues - A review of the book "Parcel of Rogues." (CX5068).

Patent absurdity - If patent law had been applied to novels in the 1880s, great books would not have been written. If the EU applies it to software, every computer user will be restricted. (CX5354).

Patent Folly - The misuse of patents rights and associated dangers. (CX5224).

Periodicals & Broadcasters Online - Selected online publications.

Personal Testimony of a Refusnik - Why would a regular guy get up one morning in the middle of life, work, the kids and decide he's not playing the game anymore? February 2002. (CX5263).

A Political Statement of the Libertarian Socialist Collective. Also available in Spanish. (CX5168)

Politics and the English Language - George Orwell's essay on thought that corrupts language and language that corrupts thought. 1946. (CX5394)

Poor Memory Leads to Fame - Researcher Dr. Fergus Craik discusses his life, his work and, of course, his memory. (CX5027).

Popular Education Conference - A report on the Popluar Education Conference. (CX5115).

Popular Education Conference (2) - Another view of the Popular Education Conference. (CX5118).

The Port Huron Statement - Students for a Democratic Society (SDS). 1962. (CX5864).

Portugal - Portugal's revolutionary upheavals. (CX5120).

Portugal: The Impossible Revolution - Book review. (CX5134).

Post-Zionism Zionism - By Avi Zer-Aviv. What do we need to do to let go of all fear that separates Jew and Arab, and embrace a truly pluralistic, secular, democratic, multicultural and loving society? March 7, 2006. (CX5274).

Power in Play - We need to reclaim play from childhood memory and made a reality in everyday adult life. (CX4706).

Pressing for Press - Creating media buzz and press coverage for your story.. (CX4709).

The Princess and the Press: How to write a news release that will make you the belle of the ball - How to write effective press releases. (CX5251).

Principles governing municipal/provincial financial relationships - Citizens for Local Democracy’s views of the principles governing municipal/provincial financial relationships. (CX5301).

Privatization: Fact versus Fiction - Truths and myths about privatization. (CX4348).

Progressive Frames for Taxes - As progressives, we do not believe that taxes are necessarily an affliction. Instead, we think of taxes as investments that give us dividends. (CX5356).

The proliferation of neo-primitives - The neo-primitive 'radical' has a basically passive attitude to the social envirfonment. (CX5180).

Proof that Saddam Hussein has weapons of mass destruction - Finally, the evidence!. (CX5328).

Prostitution rights - Decriminalization takes prostitution from the jurisdiction of the criminal code. It means private sexual acts between consenting adults are placed outside the realm of criminal laws. (CX5189)

Public Broadcasting is Cultural National Defence - The role of the national public broadcaster is to do those things which private broadcasters have demonstrated they will not, or cannot, accomplish.. September 1985. (CX5214).

Publicity and media - Resources and publications to assist your organization in getting more and better media coverage and raising awareness.

Put it in writing - Advice on writing news releases. (CX5253).

Quebec's two solitudes - Quebec's sovereignists find themselves increasingly in confliect with Native Peoples. (CX4165).

Quest for Justice - Judith Stone, an American Jew, argues that Jews of conscience must support the right of return of the Palestinian people. November 2002. (CX5256).

Quotes from a potential Conservative Cabinet - Homophobic comments from Conservative MPs raise concerns. (CX5340).

Radical Newspapers - A radical newspaper succeeds to the extent that in engages in dialogue with its readers and community, rather than in preaching. (CX5164)

Radio Alice - Radio in action in Italy. (CX5139).

Radio Frequency ID Removes Freedom - Radio Frequency ID violates the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and is part of the stealthy forging of a police state. (CX5361).

Rafferty-Alameda: The American Connection - There is more, much more, to the Rafferty-Alameda dam project than the government admits. (CX4174A).

The Raging Grannies - They don't see war and injustice as inevitable. (CX4713).

The real aim of Israel's attacks on Lebanon - By Uri Avnery. The real aim is to change the regime in Lebanon and to install a puppet government. July 16, 2006. (CX5269).

Reflections and Meditations Thirty Years After - Two pieces written by I. F. Stone 30 years after the publication of his 1946 book Underground to Palestine. Part I is called "Confessions of a Jewish Dissident", Part II is called "The Other Zionism". (CX5621).

Reform Party - The Reform Party claims it wants a "new Canada," but their vision for the future looks a lot like the "old" Canada. (CX4358).

The Regina Manifesto - Co-operative Commonwealth Federation Programme (1933) - (CX5373).

Rejected for Jury Duty - Discussing the effectiveness of the policies of the "war on drugs" -- in the courtroom. (CX5045).

A reply to B'nai Brith's "Manifesto Denouncing CUPE-Ontario's Boycott of Israel" - By the Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid. June 3, 2006. (CX5278).

Reporting the realities of poverty - Review of Everybody Loves a Good Drought: Stories from India's Poorest Districts. (CX5229).

The Relevance of Anarchism - (CX5604).

Remembering Fredy Perlman - The same energy which helped Fredy to describe the horrors of civilization made it possible for him to summon up the forces of life and expectations of hope. (CX5315).

Respect Bathurst - A protest against inviting a Harris Tory to speak at the closing of Bathurst Heights Secondary School. (CX5201)

The Responsibility of Intellectuals - It is the responsibility of intellectuals to speak the truth and to expose lies. (CX5319)

The Revolution of The Deaf - Events at Gallaudet College during the protests against, and subsequent unseating of, a hearing president and the appointment of the first deaf president of the college. (CX5020).

Revolution Re-assessed - Statements outlining the political position of Australia's Libertarian Socialist Organization. (CX5601).

Right to Life? Ghouls and the Schiavo Case - Exploiting the Terri Schiavo tragedy. (CX5347).

The Right to Offend - Humans have a right to offend other humans, especially in presenting dissent from the views with which many people seem to be very content. This includes those views called religious.. (CX4174).

Right-Wing Thought Police Assault Free Speech on Campus - The Orwellian campaign to portray the expression of views in the university that run contrary to those ruling the country as a lack of "academic freedom." (CX5348).

Rights & Liberties - Introduction to the Connexions Digest #41 (Volume 9, No. 2). Also available in Spanish.

The Rights of Man - Thomas Paine's defense of revolution. 1792. (CX5678)

Roll Over George Orwell, And Give Goebbels the News! We're Winning - Don't Ask Where! - A question/answer period with high ranking U.S. military officials. (CX4356).

Rosa Luxemburg - Rosa Luxemburg was a leading exponent of Marxism in the spirit of Karl Marx. (CX5294).

Sanctions Against the Israeli Occupation: It's Time - A call from the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD) for sanctions as the next logical step in the global campaign to end the Occupation. January 29, 2005. (CX5281).

Sanctions on Israel: If not now, when? - How much longer are we prepared to watch Lebanon and Palestine burn, before we act? July 28, 2006. (CX5396).

School Reform and the Attack on Public Education - The education reform movement is part of a wider corporate and government plan to undermine democracy and strengthen corporate domination of our society. (CX5305).

Science fiction is more than just Buck Rogers - Like most modern literature, science fiction is concerned with the alienated human condition, yet it articulates this concern in a distinct manner, as a form of literature concerned with the implications of the problems engendered by industrial society. (CX5165)

Second-class health care for immigrants, seniors? - Should the affluent be entitled to better, faster health care than seniors, immigrants, and the poor? National Post editor Jonathan Kay thinks so. (CX5571).

Separation and Divorce Have Been a Boon to the Economy - Stable marriages and families are considered harmful to economic growth. (CX5069).

Setting Up a Nuclear Weapon Free Zone - How to mobilize a community to declare itself a Nuclear Weapon Free Zone. (CX4714).

Seven Public Sector Myths - Fact and fiction about the public sector. (CX5016).

Seven Things Non-Profits Can Learn From Profits - Lessons for non-profits form the for-profit sector. (CX5008).

Shadow Boxing in the Drug Ring - The "war on drugs" and it's simplistic nature. (CX5024).

Shame on you, Mr. Harper - Open letter initiated by members of Shalom-Salaam, a Jewish-Arab Montreal dialogue group. July 19, 2006. (CX5279).

Shifting the Balance: Ten Tips For Successful Consumer Campaigning - Advice for consumer advocates. (CX5014).

Shooting the Hippo - Review of Shooting the Hippo: Death by Deficit and Other Canadian Myths. (CX5324).

Situation Reversed - A hypothetical scenario. (CX5103).

Slamming the World Bank and the IMF - Activists and NGOs converge on Washington. to protest the World Bank and IMF. (CX5079).

So THAT's Why They Can't Afford a Decent Wage Increase: It's Tough At The Top - Top CEOs struggle to get by. (CX5035).

Socialist League Founding Statement (1974) - (CX5376).

Some of my best comrades are friends - The left is guilty of sloppiness and lack of precision in its use of language — and in its thinking. (CX5166).

Some Questions the Radical Peace Movement Should Be Asking Itself - Questions radical peace groups need to consider. (CX5004).

Some Thoughts on Organization - What type of organization should anarchists, libertarian socialists and libertarian Marxists be working towards? (CX5149).

Sources for libertarians - Resources for anti-authoritarians. (CX5145).

South African trade union congress supports CUPE boycott of Israel - South African workers will never forget the support given by the Israeli state to the apartheid South African regime. In the same way we will never forget the thousands of acts of solidarity of ordinary citizens around the world who sustained our struggle through the boycott weapon. June 6, 2006. (CX5270).

Speaking the truth to Jews - Many perfectly legitimate criticisms of Israeli policy are blanketed as attacks on Israel's right to self-defense and therefore as attacks on Israel's right to exist and, therefore themselves as anti-Semitic. December 17, 2003. (CX5261).

The SSO Story - A history and overview of SOURCES SELECT ONLINE, the online information resource for journalists, editors, and writers. (CX5223)

Starving in the Dark: Israel's Appalling Bombing of Gaza - By Virginia Tilley. Destroying the only power source for a trapped and defenseless civilian population is an unprecedented step toward barbarity. It reeks, ironically, of the Warsaw Ghetto. June 30, 2006. (CX5267)

The Status and Rights of the James Bay Crees in the Context of Quebec Secession from Canada - A speech by Mathew Coon Come to the Centre for Strategic and International Studies, Washington. September 19, 1994. (CX5659)

"Stop that shit" - By Uri Avnery. Whoever longs for a solution must know: there is no solution without settling the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. July 18, 2006. (CX5275).

A Story About Making a Sex Movie - Politicians try to impose censorship by the back door, by imposing record-keeping obligations that are impossible to comply with. (CX5359).

Structural Adjustment - The economics of structural adjustment in Canada. (CX5080).

Successful News Releases: 7 Must-Know Tips - News releases that work. (CX5238).

Take a STAND Canada - An interview on the Darfur advocacy groups's path to success with director Ben Fine. (CX5210)

Take your partners... - Monogamy is not necessarily the best policy. (CX5310).

A Tale of Two Offices - Daily life and offices politics viewed through the experience of working in two libraries with very different management styles. (CX5125)

A Targeted Approach to Worker Co-op Development - Lessons from Mondragon and Northern Italy. (CX4721)

Telling it Like It Isn't - By Robert Fisk. Let's call a colony a colony, let's call occupation what it is, let's call a wall a wall. December 28, 2005. (CX5273).

Ten Health Care Myths - Medicare's opponents have launched a sustained ideological attack on medicare. Their propaganda relies on myths and misrepresentations. (CX5292). Also available in French and Spanish.

Testimony of George Galloway - Testimony of British M.P George Galloway before the U.S. Senate. (CX5352).

Theatre of the Cynical - The settlers' retreat from Gaza was the theatre of the cynical. August 19, 2005. (CX5266).

There's no such thing as a slow news day - The news media are always looking for news. (CX5247).

They're Going to be Stuffing Our Kids Into Electronic Databases - Will technology in the classroom be a boon to educators in the future, or a disaster waiting to happen? (CX5082).

Thinking About Self-Determination - Does that familiar canon of the left, 'the right to self-determination', actually mean anything, or is it an empty slogan whose main utility is that it relieves us of the trouble of thinking critically? (CX5293). Also available in French and Spanish.

The Third World Debt: The Comforts of Newspaper Pie - Canadians are unaffected by the Third World, since most of it arrives in the form of newspaper headlines. (CX5084).

The Threat of The Tag - Tracking anklets for convicts are not a good way to alleviate prison overcrowding. (CX5038).

Throw it in the garbage myself - Let us decide for ourselves which books are trash. (CX4350).

Top Ten Censored Stories of 1988 - Documenting the failure of the mass media to provide Americans with all the information they need to make informed decisions. (CX5216).

Top Ten Censored Stories of 1989 - Exposing an issue that was otherwise overlooked or under-reported by national news media.. (CX5218).

Tories to Negotiate Deal With Mexico/U.S. - Free trade is on the agenda when the Canadian government meets Mexico and the U.S. in 1992. (CX5096).

Traces of Magma - An annoted bibliography of left literature by Rolf Knight: primarly novels, with some poetry, short stories, drama, and a smattering of non-fictional materials such as oral and life histories. (CX5297)

Tracking the News That Wasn't - Media bias and censorship. (CX5225)

Transforming Apathy and Denial - Thoughts on people, power and participation. (CX3999)

The Transitional Programme - “The Death Agony of Capitalism and the Tasks of the Fourth International.” (Leon Trotsky, 1938). (CX5400).

A truly fragile identity - By Edward Said. Israel has equated modern identity not with actual live people, with rights and obligations, but with a vast collectivity with no limits either in the past, the present, or the future. March 2002. (CX5264).

Truth about global warming - Global climate change is underway, documented, and threatens catastrophe. It's not in the future, not a theory, and not "just another environmental problem." (CX5230).

Truth Against Truth
By Uri Avnery, Gush Shalom. Challenges the myths, conventional lies, and historical falsehoods on which most of the arguments of both Israeli and Palestinian propaganda rest. The truths of both sides are intertwined into one historical narrative that does justice to both. Without this common basis, peace is impossible. 2003. (CX5381)

Truth about the "9/11 truth movement" - A rebuttal of some of the claims made by 9/11 conspiracy theorists. (CX5299).

The Two Souls of Socialism - Socialism from Above vs. Socialism from Below. (CX5316).

Union Studies Worker Buyout of CN - The CN workers' union is attempting to reclaim CN Rail through a bid for purchase. (CX5095).

United Nations General Assembly Resolution 3092 of 7 December 1973 - December 7, 1973. (CX5392)

United Nations Security Council Resolution 242 (1967) of November 22 1967 - Adopted unanimously. November 22, 1967. (CX5397).

Upstream - A parable. (CX5043).

US funds false sex lessons - Facts about sex you never knew. (CX5344).

U.S. Strikes Drop Dramatically - Reaganism has enabled employers to launch war on unions. (CX4347).

Valuable Clues to Finding What You Need to Know - Review of books about online research. (CX5227).

Victims of European Revolutions - European gypsy communities have historically been, and remain, the most marginalized social group. (CX5052).

Voluntary Simplicity - The rewards of leading a simple life. (CX4723).

Volunteer Opportunities and Internships - Gain experience, learn skills, make connections while doing work for social justice. We have opportunities for writers, reviewers, photographers, people to help maintain the Connexions directory of associations, people to help develop our online archive of social change materials, and people with marketing skills.

The Waffle Manifesto: For an Independent Socialist Canada (1969) - (CX5372).

Wage & Price Controls - The Liberal anti-inflation program hammers workers and unions. (CX5121).

Wanted: A Hackers' Charter - "Citizens" of the cyber realm demand legislation to protect their electronic rights. (CX5050)

War Crimes Corporate media can’t ignore photos the way they ignored protests - The real reign of terror we face is much closer to home than we dare to think.. (CX5337).

Water Exports: The New "Gold Rush?" - With global warming a reality, the shortage of water has become an top issue in the U.S., and it appears the nation will look north of the border for help. In Canada, opposition is growing. (CX5085).

War in the Gulf - A critique of the 1991 Gulf War. (CX4163)

Ways and Means - Starting with this issue Connexions will attempt to stimulate practical and theoretical sharing with a new section called Ways and Means. In this section, we hope that our readers will give us, and each other, the benefit of their ideas and experiences on matters ranging from collective process to fundraising, breaking down sex roles in groups to resolving conflicts, decision-making to ways of giving each other mutual support. (CX4728)

We Can Save Social Programs - We can save social programs by removing unwarranted tax subsidies for corporations and wealthy investors. (CX4346).

We must speak out - A world-wide appeal to teachers, intellectuals and artists to join the cultural boycott of the state of Israel. (CX5402).

We oppose granting George Bush an honourary degree - We should not uphold George Bush as a role model nor defend his responsibility for warfare bloodshed, international terrorism and attacks on basic human dignity. (CX5306).

West Germany: Censorship and repression in the model state - In West Germany, repression is now 'democratically' sanctioned and seen as a model for other countries to adopt. (CX5161).

What a Way to Treat Your Mother: Women and the State of the Planet - Our planet is in crisis. (CX5098).

What Do We Do Now? Building a Social Movement in the aftermath of Free Frade - We have the potential to create a social movement in this country that goes beyond single-issue organizing to work toward an integrated vision of a more just and caring society. Aussi disponible en français: Maintenant qu'est ce qu'on fait? Établir un mouvement social suite aux conséquences du libre échange. También disponible en español: ¿Que hacemos ahora?Construir un Movimiento Social en el Resultado del Libre Tratado. (CX4719)

What Does a Reporter Want? - Understanding what reporters want from media spokespersons when they are covering an issue in the news. (CX5240)

What is Anti-Semitism? - Inflating the meaning of 'antisemitism' to include anything politically damaging to Israel is a double-edged sword. It may be handy for smiting your enemies, but the problem is that definitional inflation, like any inflation, cheapens the currency. The more things get to count as antisemitic, the less awful antisemitism is going to sound. (CX5584).

What is Cohousing? - (CX5335).

What is Consensus? - Consensus allows us to recognize our areas of agreement and act together without coercing one another. (CX4701)

What is Important? - It is necessary to demolish the monstrously false idea that the problems that workers see are not important, that there are more important ones which only "theorists" and politicians can speak about. (CX5163).

What is Libertarian Socialism? - Revolution is a collective process of self-liberation: people and societies are transformed through their struggles for freedom and for a better world. Also available in Spanish. (CX5130)

What is The Red Menace? - About The Red Menace, a libertarian socialist publication. (CX5123)

What's Left?: Environmentalists and Radical Politics - Environmentalist activism as radical practice. (CX4001)

What's Wrong With Front Yard Parking? - The negative effects of front yard parking are significant, and affect us all. The benefits are small, and go only to a few. (CX5288).

When journalists forget that murder is murder - By Robert Fisk. When Israelis are involved, our moral compass, our ability to report the truth, dries up. August 2001. (CX5260).

Why Do Communities Fail? - The strains that take their toll on community groups. (CX5003).

Why I Am Listed in Sources - The majority of high-profile experts that I have interviewed are listed in Sources year in and year out — a clear indication that they feel that they’re getting a lot of bang for their buck. (CX5243).

Why the Leninists Will Lose - The Leninist groups are incapable of accomplishing anything serious anymore. (CX5153).

Why the Leninists Will Win - Leninists are organized. Why aren't we? (CX5131).

Why the Zoo Shoots Its Tigers - A discussion of the practice of - and motivation behind - culling and conservation in the one of the worlds foremost science and conservation zoological facilities, the London Zoo. (CX5030).

Will the real Stephen Harper please stand up? - A citizen’s guide to comparing election campaign promises to deeply held beliefs. (CX5362).

Winnipeg Declaration of Principles of the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation (1956) - (CX5374).

Winter of discontent - Whole communities are being plunged into a poverty culture that is very difficult to escape. (CX4170).

With a little help from outside - By Gideon Levy. The world sees a great and ongoing injustice. They want a just Israel. They see an Israel that occupies and is clearly unjust, and they believe they should do something. We should thank them for this from the bottom of our hearts. June 12, 2006. (CX5271).

Women and Censorship - Pornography, its impact on women and arguments for and against censorship. (CX5056).

Women's Work Devalued - An examination of the global failure to recognize the value of women's work. (CX5062).

Word for Word - Negative effects of public waste reduction policies. (CX5044).

Words Have Failed - By Amira Hass. The written word is a failure at making tangible to Israeli readers the true horror of the Occupation. March 3, 2004. (CX5272)

Words That Count Women In - A guide to eliminating gender bias in writing and speech. (CX5222).

Words, words, words - The misuse of language implies a failure to think clearly, to analyse correctly, to communicate with others. (CX5142).

Working in a supermarket - Observations about working as a 'carry-out' in a supermarket. (CX5160).

Working in an office - for a while - "The first thing that strikes one about working in this particular office is how little actual work ever gets done." (CX5141).

Working together for peace - Although English and French-speaking Canadians are sometimes at odds, the call for peace is universal. It is s language that all can agree on. (CX4164).

Working With the Cable Company - From "Media for Social Change." (CX5015).

World Evil With its Roots in the North-South Divide - Good drugs and bad drugs: the evolution of drugs and government, and implications for those suffering as a result of unfair trade policy. (CX5025).

The Worst Polluters in the U.S. - A list of the worst companies for 1988. (CX5065).

The Write Stuff - All you ever wanted to know about letter writing. (CX3576).

You Can Run, Not Hide, From Great Gumshoe Greene - Profile of an independant sleuth specializing in missing persons. (CX5029).

You either believe in freedom or you don't. We believe. - Support independence for East Timor from Indonesian rule. (CX4167).

You, Sources, and Getting the Most out of the Internet, Including Six Internet Fictions to Consider - The Internet is part of a communications strategy but it can't be the only part. (CX5226).

The Zero Garbage Lunch - Preparing lunches that produce no garbage. (CX5343).

Zimbabwe: One State, One Faith, One Lord - The one-party system of Zimbabwe. (CX5040).

Zionism doesn't define Jews -- it divides us - Zionist theory denied the legitimate presence of an emerging, indigenous nation in Palestine. Zionist practice ensured its dispossession and exile. December 12, 2002. (CX5262).

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