Ballad of the Peace Pushers

Dorothy Livesay

Each drop of water
is part of the wave
the voice of one person
can change the world

each one you know
has something to show
each drop of water
is part of the wave

Did you ever wonder
how slavery was stopped
child labour banished
Vietnam ended?

Who stopped slavery?
Those who believed.
Who stopped child labour?
Those who campaigned.
Who gave women the vote?
Those who got chained
to the iron gate.

Can you clear your mind clean
Of its choking moss?
become one small place
where peace is in charge?

No man is an island
no woman alone
Take up the searchlight
light up the cave
each drop of water
is part of the wave.

Written in 1984
From Third World Resource Centre Newsletter, Winter 1991, No.49


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