Radio Frequency ID Removes Freedom

By Connie Fogal
January 19, 2006

Re: Jan 18, 2006 article in The Province called “Travellers’ Card Required”

Thank you Jack Keating for profiling this issue. Radio Frequency ID is BAD: It violates S6 of Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms, S 1(a) of the Canadian Bill of Rights, and is Part of the U.S.A. Fortress America Command Over Canada, and the Stealthy Forging of a Police State. It is Orwellian. It is Totalitarian.

Let us be very clear! The radio frequency ID now required in the USA and intended for Canada is a tracking device that will tell authorities where the holder of this PASS card is at any time. It is a location device. The acronym PASS card tells all. It is an abbreviation for People Access Security Service. The US Canada border already has and has had for some time a device that reads your car’s licence information instantly transmitting to the border attendant all your identification the moment you approach the border guard station. What did you think that flashing light was that snapped a picture of your car before you are allowed to cross the demarcation line? They do not need a PASS card to do the identification of the person passing through the border.

Subjecting citizens of democracies to tracking devices is a violation of and tragedy for freedom. S 6 (1) of the Charter reads “Every citizen of Canada has the right to enter, remain in, and leave Canada.” To require such a tracking ID card in order that one could move in an out of Canada violates this right. The Canadian Bill of Rights S 1(a) guarantees to Canadians the right to be free. To be tracked is not to be free.

Such location devices are already in some cell phones unknown to users. The justification made (if you discover the tracking capabilities) is that if someone steals your cell phones, authorities can instantly read the tracking information to locate the cell phone. The same authorities can locate where you are at any point of time so long as you carry that cell phone. Some clothing from Walmart, some automobiles also carry such tracking devices.

What is going on here is the imposition and implementation of a police state in Fortress America extending its territory over all of North America. Unless Canadians inform themselves of the process unfolding right now that fundamentally intends to deform Canada, we will all wake up soon to discover we do not have a democracy, nor freedom, nor a country.

On December 12, 2001 John Manley, who was at that time the Liberal Deputy Prime Minister of Canada, entered an agreement with Tom Ridge, the USA Homeland Security Director, called the 30 point Smart Border Declaration. By that agreement both signatories on behalf of their respective countries promised to create a new regime of North America. That plan included, among other things, the promise to introduce the radio frequency ID cards, biometric identifiers in documentation( DNA markers , eyeprints, fingerprints), permanent resident cards, no fly lists (i.e. lists of people not allowed to fly.), no passport lists (i.e. lists of people not allowed to renew their passports), surveillance of internet use, email , cell phone and fax communications, sharing of revenue Canada and census information (i.e. divulging all the personal and financial data of Canadians to the USA Homeland Security Office), and anti-terrorism legislation. Many other steps in this plan are also being effected. The Canada Customs and Revenue Agency is working collaboratively with the United States Customs Service, the United States Immigration and Naturalization Service, and Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

The question is, how can such dramatic, profound, liberty stripping, and nation dissecting processes be in the works, actually being effected without Parliamentary debate and decision? The nation’s business and destiny have passed out of the control of our citizens and our constitution. When Tom Manley signed that Smart Border declaration and then began its implementation via various departments of government, he was exercising dictatorial practice. He began a process of regime change in Canada. This betrayal of the sacred trust of Canada is far more egregious than the corruption revealed in the Gomery Enquiry. It reveals systemic, deliberate self destruction and sabotage of Canada.

The Smart Border Plan mirrors the recommendations of a USA, Canada, Mexico Task Force which recommendations were divulged on May 17, 2005. This task force is composed of the leading CEOs of the most powerful corporations in North America, prominent former officials, like Tom Manly who now heads that task force, business men and academic apologists from all three countries. They plan to unify North America. The recommendations include a common security perimeter by 2010. (Fortress America), a North American border pass with biometric identifiers, a unified border and expanded facilities, a single economic space, a common external tariff, a seamless movement of goods within North America, a North American energy strategy, a review of sectors of NAFTA that were excluded, a North American Regulatory plan that removes regulations, a permanent tribunal for disputes, an annual North American summit meeting.

So there you have it. This task force is the driving source and force of policy and practice that is changing the shape and fabric of Canada. Unelected, unaccountable, uncontrollable people and corporations are in control of our destiny, our lives, and our well-being.

In March of 2005 Prime Minister Martin and President Bush and President Fox signed the Security and Prosperity Partnership Agreement which adopts the Task Force Recommendations. Martin, Bush, and Fox then assigned three cabinet ministers in their respective countries to implement the deal. In Canada they are Pierre Pettigrew, Minister of Foreign affairs, David Emerson, Minister of Industry, Anne McLellan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minster of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness (the last being a new department flowing from Task Force demands) . In June of 2005 the three ministers of each country reported their progress to date to the Leaders in a document called Report To Leaders, Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America. They reference the intention that the deal be permanent, and irrevocable.

The Members of Parliament appear not to know about these deals. As Leader of the Canadian Action Party, I am running for Parliament in the Vancouver Kingsway riding, held by David Emerson, one of Canada’s three Joe Boys. None of the other candidates know of these deals or talk of them. Emerson hides from his role in them. Other candidates seeking reelection in other ridings know nothing of them. None of them know about the existence of the No Passport list. Most know about the No Fly lists. Both of these appear to have been implemented by the bureaucracy without Parliamentary debate.

All of these agreements are being effected by a stealthy manoeuver of incremental presentation to Parliament and/or incremental bureaucratic departmental implementation. Some parts of the Smart Border Plan necessarily have to be dealt with in Parliament, like the liberty stripping anti-terrorist legislation passed in 2002, or the surveillance legislation to legalize spying on internet, e mail and cell phone use, etc. The surveillance legislation was before Parliament when the writ dropped and will be back after the new government convenes.

I have documented these agreements with their details and urls to sources in a three part article titled the Metamorphosis and Sabotage of Canada by our Own Government. See

We have already reached the stage many of us warned against since the introduction of various international agreements like NAFTA came on scene. Members of Parliament are now irrelevant. They are impotent in the face of these international agreements that cede power out of the nation’s control to an unelected unaccountable body of Chief executive corporate officers, retired government officials, business men, and academics. They will remain so unless they reverse these arrangements. This election is a sham under this changing regime.

Only the Canadian Action Party is trying to expose these agreements. Only the Canadian Action Party calls for the abrogation of the FTA and NAFTA, the rescission of the anti-terrorist legislation, the cancelling of the aforesaid agreements arising out of the North American Task force as being unconstitutional and violations of our Charter of Rights and Freedoms. They are , in fact, acts of treason.

Unless Canadians join in these demands, our nation, our country as we know it will continue to die. The anti- Canadians and anti democrats are in control. The fact that only this one small party is exposing this betrayal of Canada is a national disgrace. One can only conclude that the other Parties support this transfer of power out of their control, and are complicit in the death of the sovereignty of our nation which is not theirs to destroy. Sovereignty belongs to the people, not to political parties, nor unelected unaccountable bodies.

Devices that track citizen movement are only one part of a terrible intention.

Yours truly,

Connie Fogal
Leader, Canadian Action Party
Connie Fogal resides in Vancouver BC.

Canadian Action Party/ Parti Action Canadienne
Head Office #385- 916 West Broadway,
Vancouver B.C. V5Z 1K7
Tel: (604) 708-3372; Fax: (604) 872 1504;

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