Quebec's two solitudes

Adam Zachary

Quebec's hopes to chart a smooth course to sovereignty may not run aground on confrontations between Quebec City and the federal government, as has generally been assumed. Rather, they may founder on claims to Quebec's territory by its original inhabitants -- claims that could involve as much as 80 per cent of its land mass. As the Mohawk Warriors' cases related to events in Kanesatake (Oka) and Kaneswake begin their tortuous route throu;gh the courts, it is obvious that Indian-white relations will never be the same. This is particularly evident in Quebec, where some of the more disturbing features of Quebec nationalism surfaced when the Oka affair was prolonged. As more and more anti-Indian incidents accumulated, it became apparent to Indians that they have real reason to fear a strident nationalist movement in Quebec.

Adam Zachary, in This Magazine, December 1990-January 1991. Subscriptions to This Magazine are $1950/year from 56 The Esplanade, Suite 406, Toronto, Ontario M5E 1A7.

Published in Connexions Digest #53 - January 1991.



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