CBC Left-Wing?

John McMurtry

As a frequent listener to CBC Radio and viewer of CBC Television, I am rather amazed that it is regarded in some circles as having a left-wing bias. John Crispo says that the CBC is “lousy” and “pinko”, and maybe we should dismiss that as just right-wing rant. But first we should rethink some of the facts.

When was the last time you saw CBC TV news or The Journal without a political spokesperson from the United States espousing pro-U.S. views on international affairs? When was the last time you watched a hockey game without Don Cherry glorifying violence or authoritarianism? When was the last time you heard a news report on CBC that featured a socialist viewpoint over a pro-business viewpoint, a criticism of a military space shuttle rather than a cheerleading of it, or a statement from the democratic left in any Third World country?

Left-wing bias? Or are we now confronting the extraordinary demand that only a right-wing bias be permitted anywhere on CBC?


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