Globalizing the left

John Fryer

The Canadian trade union movement has to put greater emphasis on using its global ties to prevent multinational companies from shifting their operations to low wage countries, at the expense of well-paying jobs at home.... Through widening established liaisons in the international arena... Canadian labour stands a better chance of preventing employer groups from downgrading jobs, wages or benefits as a result of playing workers in one country off against those in others. As one important example of where this idea could go, the possibility of global negotiations with multinational firms -- with unions in developed countries working hand in hand with those in the developing world -- holds exciting prospects for enhancing wages, working conditions, and indeed, the value of work itself, on a worldwide basis. This is what 'free trade' should really be about -- establishing international trade relationships that benefit ordinary citizens....

John Fryer, President of the National Union of Provincial Government Employees, writing in the September issue of Canadian Dimension. Subscriptions to Canadian Dimension are $24.50, from 425 - 100 Arthur Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba R3B 1H3.

Published in the Connexions Digest #53, January 1991



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