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Allan Bonner Communications Management
- Media training.

AlterLinks - Publishing services.

Alternative Information Center - The AIC is a Palestinian-Israeli organization which disseminates information, research and political analysis on Palestinian and Israeli societies as well as the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, while promoting cooperation between Palestinians and Israelis based on the values of social justice, solidarity and community involvement.

Alternative Press Center - Indexes and lists a wide range of alternative periodicals, mostly American.

American Society of Indexers - Indexing expertise.

Amicus - Service giving search access to over 30 million records from 1,300 Canadian libraries including Library and Archives Canada.

Babel Fish - Computerized translation. Mostly good for laughs.

Bat Conservation International - A site devoted to bats.

BBC - News from the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).

Bees for Development - An information service working at the centre of an international network of people and organizations involved with apiculture in developing countries. Beekeeping is an effective way for poor people to strengthen their livelihoods, and Bees for Development works to provide information to assist them. - Serving the world bisexual community

Book and Periodical Council - The people who sponsor Freedom to Read week and monitor censorship attempts in Canada.

Bookfinder - Site for finding new, used, rare, and out-of-print books.

The Canada Centre for Inland Waters - Information on water research and the Great Lakes. - Pointers to information about Canada - Links to information about Canada

Canadian Association of Labour Media - For trade union publications and those who produce them.

Canadian Authors' Association - Writing Links - Resources for writers.

Canadian Encyclopedia Online - Canadian history and much else about Canada.

Canadian Postal Code Information - The place to look up postal codes.

Canadian Press - News service - Pointers to Canadian information

CBC - News from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

Clusty - Search engine that clusters results by relevance and relatedness.

Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada (COSEWIC) - Information on endangered species in Canada.

Connexions - The site of Connexions Information Sharing Services, an information clearing house dealing with grassroots organizing, social and environmental alternatives, and social justice.

Connexions Digest - Reviews, abstracts, articles, and resources from the Connexions Digest, a social change sourcebook..

Connexions Directory A-Z Index - A directory of Canadian NGOs and grassroots organizations.

Counterpunch - Progressive American newsletter.

Datadevco - Database development

Dean Tudor - Dean Tudor's research site.

Deutsche Welle Online - News from the German broadcaster, Deutsche Welle. - A left-wing perspective.

Elections Canada - Canadian federal election information.

Environment Canada Weather Forecasts - The weather.

ExpertPages - A selection of some of the best "expert" pages and sites.

ExpertSource - Need an expert to interview, a quotable spokesperson, an articulate speaker? Try these resources.

ExpoWorld Canada - ExpoWorld

Facility of the Month - A regular photo feature on the Warrington Cycle Campaign's Web site, featuring photos some of the worst and most bizarre examples of 'bicycle lanes' to be found.

FAIR (Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting) - Documenting and analyzing bias in the U.S. media.

FLAP - Fatal Light Awareness Project - Concerned with the carnage inflicted on birds by brightly lit tall buildings.

Globe and Mail - Canadian newspaper.

Google - Search engine.

Google Image Search - Searches for images on the Web.

Google Scholar - Searches of scholarly information sources.

Guardian Weekly - One of the world's great newspapers.

Gush Shalom - Israeli group work for peace with justice.

HotLink - A media relations resource featuring articles and resources dealing with publicity, media relations, and public relations.

IceRocket - Blog search tool.

Idealist - International directory, organized by country, of thousands of non-profit activist organizations, designed to help people "think globally and act locally".

Improbable Research - Research that makes people laugh and then think.

Index on Censorship - Covering censorship issues worldwide.

InfoSources - A selection of some of the best information sources for journalists, reporters, editors, and researchers,
in Canada and abroad.

International Dark Sky Association - Concerned with stopping the adverse environmental impact of light pollution and space debris.

International Labor Rights Fund - Dedicated to achieving just and humane working conditions for workers worldwide. They are committed to overcoming child labour, forced labour and other abusive practices.

James Randi Educational Foundation - Skeptical reports on psychics and other frauds.

Kawartha Turtle Trauma Centre - Taking care of injured turtles.

Kartoo - Search engine which clusters results by relevance.

LabourStart - Where trade unionists start their day on the Net.

Library and Archives Canada - Gateway to Canada's information heritage. - A hub featuring links to selected resources about Marxism.

Marxists Internet Archive - A online archive of the writing of Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels and many other writers in the Marxist tradition.

Marxmail - The Marxism Mail list

Media Link - Publications & Broadcast Media Online.

Media Names & Numbers - A comprehensive directory of the Canadian media.

MediaInfo - Media lists, media relations, media training, media resources.

MediaSource - Resources for effective media relations.

MediaSources - Media relations tools, resources and training.

Microsuck - For those who don't love Microsoft.

The Middle East Conflict - Resources for peace, justice, and human rights.

Mooter - Search engine ranking results by relevance.

The Nation - Progressive American periodical.

National Research Council Web Clock - When you need to know the time to the second.

New Internationalist - Articles from the New Internationalist, chat forum, ethical shopping, more.

New York Times - The #1 U.S. daily newspaper. - Pointers to news

9/11 Myths - Takes on the conspiracy theories about September 11 and examines them critically.

OnlineSources - Online information sources for journalists, reporters, public relations practitioners and other in the field of news, media, and media relations.

Parliamentary Names & Numbers - A comprehensive directory of Canada's federal and provincial governments.

Planet-Friendly Calendar - A calendar of events.

Project Gutenberg - Online electronic library of thousands of books.

Publicity Plus: Raise your profile and get media coverage - How to maximize your media impact using Sources,

Red Menace
- A libertarian socialist newsletter.

Rockridge Institute - Looks at how issues are framed by the right and how the left can respond.

Shunpiking Online - Progressive Nova Scotia periodical.

Skeptical Inquirer - In defense of science against all manner of unscientific thinking. - A hub featuring links to selected resources about socialism, as well as other progressive sites of interest to socialists and activists. - Sources for the media and for those who need to reach the media.

Sources - Sources specializes in collecting, indexing, and disseminating information to help journalists, editors, and researchers quickly reach articulate experts and spokespersons who can provide background information and comment on a wide range of topics. Publications and services include Sources, SOURCES SELECT® Online, Parliamentary Names & Numbers, Media Names & Numbers, The Sources HotLink, and The Sources Calendar. Sources also provides mailing lists, publishing and research services, and consultations on publishing projects. The Sources directory has a search engine for subject and name searches, and also features browseable Alphabetical and Subject Indexes.

The Sources Calendar - Check out newsworthy events across Canada.

Sources News Releases - Recent news releases from Canadian organizations and companies.

SourcesAlert - Tools for reaching the media with your message. - Pointers to information about Canada - Links to Canadian info - Leads to Canadian information

SourcesOnline - Online sources of information for and about the media, and for those who need to reach the media.

SourcesSelect - Articles, reviews, and resources for reporters, writers, editors, researchers, and media relations and public relations practitioners. - Links to watch - Links to watch

Spacing - Understanding Toronto's Urban Landscape

Speakers Gold - Public speaking.

Der Spiegel - Site of the German newsweekly.

Straight Goods - Progressive Canadian online publication.

Taz: Die Tageszeitung - German-language daily published in Berlin.

Toronto Public Space Committee - Dedicated to protecting public space from excessive advertising and privatisation.

Toronto Star - Canada's largest daily newspaper.

Transport 2000 - Promotes environmentally-sound transportation solutions and gets actively involved in a wide range of issues such as: public transportation, safety, accessibility, energy efficiency, protection of the environment, intermodal cooperation and government regulation.

Vivismo - Search tool software.

Wikipedia - Internet encyclopedia.

World Rainforest Movement - An international organization involved in efforts to defend the world's rainforests. Works to secure the lands and livliehoods of forest peoples and fights commercial logging, dams, mining, plantations and other interferences that threaten the survival of these people and their habitat. - Internet directory.

Zatoun - Distributes olive oil from occupied Palestine and highlights the plight of Palestinian farmers and the destruction of their livelihood. Olive oil is a basic food which reminds us of our common humanity and the need for justice and peace.

ZNet - Left-wing magazine and Web site.


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