Connexions Banners Page 3

Below are banners you can place on your website to link to

To save an image, right-click on the full-size and select SAVE.
If you wish, you can also link to the image on the Connexions site
by linking to the file's location. There is a filename underneath
each banner thumbnail. If you wanted to link to the image, the link
would be to /Graphics/Banners/Filename.jpg

If you need help in setting up your banners, please contact us
and we'll be glad to help. For more banners, see this page or this page.

Banner01.jpg 160x113

Banner02.jpg 160x113

Banner03.jpg 160x113

Banner04.jpg 160x113

Banner05.jpg 160x67

Banner06.jpg 160x67

Banner07.jpg 500x67

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