Agricultural Labour

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Bracero History Archive
The Bracero History Archive collects and makes available the oral histories and artifacts pertaining to the Bracero program, a guest worker initiative that spanned the years 1942-1964. Millions of Mex...
Can We Live and Eat Too?: Against The Current vol. 131
Jelly-Schapiro, Eli
In 1579, the fleet of British explorer Sir Francis Drake met the coast of what we now call California. Drake, who would dub his discovery “New Albion” (Albion being the Latin name for Britain), though...
Das Capital, Volume 1: A Critical Analysis of Capitalist Production
Marx, Karl
Marx's great work sets out to grasp and portray the totality of the capitalist mode of production, and the bourgeois society that emerges from it. He describes and connects all its economic features, ...
Connexions Library: Agriculture and Farming Focus
Selected articles, books, websites and other resources on farming and agriculture.
"Illegals" of the World Unite?: Against The Current vol. 141
Murray, Star; Williams, Charles
An interview with David Bacon.
Ireland and the Irish Question
Marx, Karl; Engels, Friedrich
Brings together all of Marx's and Engels' writing on Ireland in one volume.
Karl Marx's Theory of Revolution: Volume II: The Politics of Social Classes
Draper, Hal
Draper ranges through the development of the thought of Marx and Engels on the role of classes in society.
Marx as a Food Theorist
Foster, John Bellamy
Marx developed a detailed and sophisticated critique of the industrial food system in Britain in the mid-nineteenth century, in the period that historians have called "the Second Agricultural Revoluti...
Los Mexicanos: The Struggle for Justice of Patricia Perez
Latour, Charles (Director)
Every year, some 4000 migrant foreign workers coming mostly from Mexico, labour in Quebec farms to plant and pick our vegetables. In the summer of 2006, Patricia Perez a pro-union militant speaking fo...
Pilbara strike of 1946: Connexipedia Article
A strike by Indigenous Australian pastoral workers in the Pilbara region of Western Australia for human rights recognition and payment of fair wages and working conditions.
Scattered Sand: The Story of China's Rural Migrants
Pai, Hsiao-Hung
Each year, 200 million workers from China’s vast rural interior travel between cities and provinces in search of employment: the largest human migration in history. This indispensable army of labour a...
Slavery still shackles Mauritania, 31 years after its abolition
Mark, Monica
Rigid caste system and ruling elite have enabled a centuries-old practice to continue into the 21st century.
Vincenzo Pietropaolo: Witness to the Harvest Pilgrims
UFCW Canada (Director)
Vincenzo Pietropaolo has documented the story of Mexican migrant workers over a number of years. This is a brief look into that story.

From the Connexions Archives

Canadian Farmworkers Union (CFU)
Organization profile published 1983
Canadian Farmworkers Union - Local No.1.
Organization profile published 1981
The Canadian Farmworkers Union (CFU) was initiated in 1979 by fruitpickers dissatisfied with working conditions in British Columbia's Okanagan and Fraser Valleys.
We're Here, Negotiate
Periodical profile published 1981
Serial Publication (Periodical)