Ways to contribute to Connexions:
Content – Archives – Money – Skills – Time

Connexions is a project established in 1975 to connect people working for social justice with each other, and with organizations, information, resources, and ideas. In addition to the Connexions.org website, with its tens of thousands of cross-indexed pages, Connexions has also built up a substantial physical archive of materials – periodicals, books, leaflets, documents, buttons, posters – that span more than 50 years of grassroots activism. A group of volunteers works at adding new content about current issues and events, as well as cataloguing and digitizing materials in the archive. We welcome your involvement, help and contributions:

Do you have a collections of materials related to grassroots movements for social justice?
In collabortion with other grassroots and mainstream archives and people’s history projects, we work to ensure that the history of our movements for social change is preserved and shared with future generations. Those boxes of leftwing publications in your attic may well have historical value. Get in touch by using the contact form, or fill in the Archive Quick Info form. If you’d like to discuss it, give us a call at 416-988-9586. For more information about our approach to archiving, see The Case for Grassroots Archives or Is that an archive in your basement... or are you just hoarding?

Volunteer – Connexions is a volunteer-based project. There are lots of opportunities to help out, from fundraising to database work and typing, from computer support to cataloguing and subject indexing. See our volunteer page for details.

The Connexions Calendar – Connexions maintains a calendar of events of interest to people working for social justice. We need help in finding and adding more events from across Canada. This could be done from home, or at the Connexions office in Toronto. Interested? Use the contact form to drop us a line.

Editing, proofreading, writing, interviewing – We need help editing materials, as well as in creating new materials, for example by writing encyclopedia-style articles about past social movements, organizations, and individuals, interviewing organizers and activists about their experiences, and writing summaries and abstracts of books, films, and other materials.

Money – Connexions runs on a very modest budget, but we do need some to keep a roof over our heads, keep our website up and running, and develop new projects. Your donations help us carry on our work.

Bequests – Many of us have made working for social justice a lifetime commitment. If you are thinking about leaving a legacy for social justice that will live on, you might want to consider leaving a bequest to Connexions in your will.
If you’d like to discuss this option, please contact us: Connexions Archive and Library, 95 St. Joseph Street, Suite 104, Toronto, ON M5S 3C2. 416-988-9586.

Collaboration – We work together with several other organizations, and are open to collaborating with other groups on shared cataloguing and indexing of archives, mutual backups of data and web servers, and coordination of digitization efforts. If you are interested in working with us, contact us