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Act on Climate March

April 11, 2015

On April 11, all-in Quebec for the climate!
Won’t you join us in the streets?

On April 14th the Council of the Federation, consisting of the 13 heads of Canada’s provinces and territories, will meet in Quebec City. Climate change will be the only item on their agenda. It’s time to stand up and speak with one voice. A voice so loud no politician dare ignore.

YES to defending our climate and our communities!
NO to expanding Canada’s tar sands and the pipelines that carry their oil.
YES to a renewable energy future.

This is why we need you in Quebec on April 11. We need to go all-in.

It’s time to act on climate.

Venue: Starts from Hotel le Concorde
Location: 1225 Cours du Général de Montcalm Quebec City, QC
Categories: Environment

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