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Agreement on terms
Luyendijk, Joris
I have come to accept that western journalists cannot accurately, let alone objectively, represent the Middle East and the Arab world. The problem is not that journalists do not always adhere to their...
Between the Lines: How to Detect Bias and Propaganda in the News and Everyday Life
MacLean, Eleanor
An exploration of medthods of "dec-doing" our daily newspapers and radio/TV news. Examines our predominant sources of information (mass media) and indicates the existence of many alternative sources o...
Books of Interest - Sources 58
Tudor, Dean
Reviews of books about journalism, media, and research.
The Brain That Changes Itself: Stories of Personal Triumph from the Frontiers of Brain Science
Doidge, Norman
Doidge explains neuroplasticity and shows that the brain is not a collection of specialized parts but a dynamic organ and can rewire and rearrange itself as the need arises.
Chomsky for Beginners
Cogswell, David; Gordon, Paul
An introduction to the life and works of Noam Chomsky.
Chomsky, Noam
The Noam Chomsky Web site.
Culture of Complaint: The Fraying of America
Hughes, Robert
Propaganda-talk, euphemism, and evasion are so much a part of American usage today that they cross all party lines and ideological divides. The art of not answering the question, of cloaking unpleasan...
For Reasons of State
Chomsky, Noam
Essays in which Chomsky analyzes the role of the American state and discusses some of the ways in which individuals can respond to its growing power.
Journalism and 'the words of power'
Fisk, Robert
More and more today, we journalists have become prisoners of the language of power.
Keywords: A Vocabulary of Culture and Society
Williams, Raymond
Williams examines more than 100 familiar words and explores how they are used.
Language and Politics
A series of previously unpublished interviews, spanning the twenty year period from 1968 to 1988, that looks at the connection between Chomsky's linguistic studies and his political analysis.For those...
Language death: Connexipedia Article
A process that affects speech communities.
A Long and Terrible Shadow: White Values, Native Rights in the Americas 1492-1992
Berger, Thomas R.
Against the odds, Native peoples have waged a tenacious struggle to survive and the re-emerge as distinct cultures.
Man, Beast and Zombie: What Science Can and Cannot Tell Us About Human Nature
Malik, Kenan
Drawing upon the ideas of evolutionary biology, cognitive science and artificial intelligence, Malik questions many of our assumptions about human nature.
The Nazis and Deconstruction: Jean-Pierre Faye's Demolition of Derrida
Goldner, Loren
A review of Jean-Pierre Faye's book 'La raison narrative', which traces the Nazi origins of deconstructionist and post-modernist concepts and terminology. Faye shows, for example, that the concept of ...
A New Language is the Number One Imperative for a New Left Project
Stoker, David
Socialists “use words few people know to make arguments few people understand to fight for causes few people recognise on people who don’t care.”
Orwell: The War Broadcasts
West, W.J. [ed.]
Our Generation: Volume 22 Nomber 1 & 2
Roussopoulos, Dimitrios
Serial Publication (Periodical)
Perspectives On Power: Reflections on Human Nature and the Social Order
Chomsky, Noam
Chomsky sets down his thoughts on topics ranging from language and human nature, to the Middle East and East Timor.
The Phenomenology of Mind
Hegel, G.W.F.
The birthplace and essence of Hegel's dialectic.
Politics and the English Language
Orwell, George
In our time, political speech and writing are largely the defense of the indefensible. Thus political language has to consist largely of euphemism., question-begging and sheer cloudy vagueness.
Postmodernism: Paralysed by postmodernism
Kitching, Gavin
A great deal of "theory" in the humanities and social sciences -- and not just postmodern theory -- involves the creating of a kind of conceptual landscape filled with curious kinds of abstract object...
Problems of Knowledge and Freedom: The Russell Lectures
Chomsky, Noam
These lectures explore Bertrand Russell's work on empiricism, morality, linguistics and politics. ...
Propaganda and Consciousness: The Future of Big Flame Newspaper
A political dicussion of the strategy and practice of Big Flame, written in the early 1970s.
Selections from the Prison Notebooks
Gramsci, Antonio
Gramsci's Notebooks cover a wide range of subjects including history, culture, politics, and philosophy.
The Semantics of Terrorism
Al-Jurf, Soha
A mental construct has been created in which the State of Israel is an entity that is under constant attack. By terrorists. Who, irrefutably, must be eradicated. Their actions are somewhat irrelevant....
A Short Course in Intellectual Self-Defense: Find Your Inner Chomsky
Baillargeon, Normand
What must a citizen in a democracy know to make the word democracy meaningful? Baillargeon provides readers with the tools to see through everyday spin and jargon -- from politics to advertising, from...
Some of my best comrades are friends
Diemer, Ulli
The left's sloppy use of language indicates sloppy thinking.
Speaking and Language: Defence of Poetry
Goodman, Paul
Goodman writes, "I do not think there can be a rule for the appropriate use of formal or vernacular language...The best is to try for a vernacular that molds itself to what is going on and to use it c...
Thoughtcrimes and Stupidspeak: Our Assault Against Words
Natoli, Joseph
We are tortured with repetitions. How many bloggers do we have in cyberspace, opining in a Duckspeak that gets a Bellyfeel response because those who have an opposing Bellyfeel response listen only to...
The Trouble with Theory: The Educational Costs of Postmodernism
Kitching, Gavin
Postmodern theory has engaged the hearts and heads of the brightest students because of its apparent political and social radicalism. Yet Kitching writes: "At the heart of postmodernism is very poor, ...
Walter Benjamin: Or, Towards a Revolutionary Criticism
Eagleton, Terry
Eagleton's goal here is to to contemplate Benjamin's approach to language, history, and art and to chart a dynamic new course for contemporary socialist criticism.
War, Peace and the Media
Zwicker, Barrie
Zwicker argues that press coverage of the USSR is "profoundly uninformative, a journalistic yawn that is helping us sleepwalk toward the biggest slumber of all time: nuclear war."
Why I Choose Optimism Over Despair: An Interview With Noam Chomsky
Chomsky, Noam; Polychroniou, C.J.
Noam Chomsky explores the possibilities for a better human society.
Words that Count Women In - Review
Kaufman, Kate
Review of Words that Count Women In. A guide to eliminating gender bias in writing and speech.
Words, words, words...: Diemer, Ulli
The misuse of language implies a failure to think clearly, to analyse correctly, to communicate with others.

Connexions Directory of Groups & Websites
The Noam Chomsky Web site.
Connexions Information Sharing Services
Connexions provides information and services for advocacy groups, voluntary and non-profit organizations, and individuals, who are working for social and economic justice, environmental responsibility...
Red Menace, The
The online archive of the libertarian socialist newsletter The Red Menace. Articles on socialism, Marxism, anarchism, work, popular education, organizing, wages for housework, Leninism, bureaucracy, h...
This Magazine
This Magazine tells you what's happening and why. News across Canada, award-winning investigations, columnists, fiction, poetry, comics, more!
Winchevsky Centre (Morris Winchevsky School)
The Winchevsky Centre is a progressive secular Jewish community centre offering intergenerational cultural and educational opportunities emphasizing Jewish history and traditions. Programs reflect a s...

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Africa: Lessons From Africa Prove the Incredible Value of Mother Tongue Learning
Heugh, Kathleen
Using case studies of educational systems in Africa, Heugh defends the use of mother-tongue education in multilingual countries, whereby vernacular languages are used in primary schools to introduce o...
The Artful Nuance
Evans, Ron L.
A reference book for distinguishing between words which, in modern usage, have almost become synonymous.
Business Phrases
A collection of useful business phrases from earlier days.
Canadian Students' Guide to Language, Literature, and Media
Barclay, Susanne; Coghill, Judith; Weeks, Peter
Meant for secondary schools, independent use, or small group study
Dewdroppers, Waldos, and Slackers
A Decade-by-Decade Guide to the Vanishing Vocabulary of the Twentieth Century
Ostler, Rosemarie
Covers almost 3000 words are covered here, mainly American white slang from fads and trends that came out of technology, music, the armed forces, rhymes, and animals.
Filthy English
The How, Why, When And What of Everyday Swearing
Silverton, Peter
An exploration of swearing with background in psychology, evolutionary biology, anthropology, psychoanalysis and linguistics. Mainly focused on British English, however also explores languages such as...
The Ghost in the Machine
Koestler, Arthur
An analysis of the relationship between reason and imagination.
Impressive Phrases
Kleiser, Grenville
Literature & Language Topic Index in Sources Directory of Experts
Spokespersons, Experts, and Resources
A subject guide to experts and spokespersons on topics related to literature and language in the Sources directory for the media.
The Loom of Language
A Guide to Foreign Languages for the Home Student
Bodmer, Frederic
This book provides a survey of language throughout history, from hieroglyphs to modern day languages.
Made in America
An Informal History of the English Language in the United States
Bryson, Bill
A history of American English.
The Meaning of Everything
The Story of the Oxford English Dictionary
Winchester, Simon
Tales of Music and the Brain
Sacks, Oliver
Oliver Sacks explores the place music occupies in the brain and how it affects the human condition. In Musicophilia, he examines the power of music through the individaul experiences of patients, musi...
A Natural History of Latin
Janson, Tore; trans. and adapted into English by Merethe Damsgard Sorensen and Nigel Vincent
Latin is the most influential language in the world. It supports the European Romance languages, English, the Roman Catholic Church, and most of the vocabulary in science-technology, law and culture.
The New Fowler's Modern English Usage
Third Edition
Burchfield, R.W.
Modern English Usage is interesting and informative, and never dry.
Origins of the Specious
Myths and Misconceptions of the English Language
O’Conner, Patricia T.; Kellerman, Stewart
A review of popular misconceptions of English grammar and vocabulary.
Oxford Dictionary of Modern Slang
Ayto, John; Simpson, John
There are 5000 slang words and phrases here, words commonly found in the UK, North America, Australia, and other parts of the English-speaking world.
Oxford Dictionary of Phrase and Fable
Second Edition
Knowles, Elizabeth (ed.)
These entries tell the story behind words, names and sayings. The range is from short definitions to more detailed accounts.
Professionally Speaking
Getting Ahead in Business and Life Through Effective Communicating
Wilder, Lilyan
Guidelines for effective communication, including media interviews and speeches.
Sold on Language
Sedivy, Julie; Carlson, Greg
An inquiry into the language of advertising.
Spell It Out
The Curious, Enthralling and Extraordinary Story of English Spelling
Crystal, David
David Crystal offers up explanations of how English spellling, while not simple, can be sensible if you look at the history of the language and its vocabulary.
Talk Talk Talk
An Investigation into the Mystery of Speech
Ingram, Jay
Ingram explores the many aspects of talking.
The Whatchamacallit
Those Everyday Objects You Just Can't Name (and Things You Think You Know about But Don't)
Danziger, Danny; McCrum, Mark
A compendium of lesser known terms for ordinary things with background and notes.
Word for Word
Clark, Stewart; Pointon, Graham
The authors try to explain the differences between word usages. Here are about 3000 examples that are confusing because they look alike, sound alike, or seem alike.
Word Myths
Debunking Linguistic Urban Legends
Wilton, David
Takes on linguistic urban legeds, not just debunking them but also examining why they are told and what they tell us about ourselves.
Words that Count Women In
A popular guide to eliminating gender bias in writing and speech.

From the Connexions Archives

The Red Menace
A libertarian socialist newsletter
Serial Publication (Periodical)
Articles on topics such as socialism, Marxism, anarchism, work, popular education, organizing, wages for housework, Leninism, bureaucracy, hierarchy, jargon, prostitution, obscenity, science fiction, ...