General Strikes

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Beautiful Trouble - Pocket Edition: A Toolbox for Revolution
Boyd, Andrew; Mitchell, Dave Oswald (eds.)
Ideas for organizers.
The Belgian General Strike
Brinton, Maurice
The strike of 1960-61 was the culmination of a growing movement of social protest that had been building up over many years. The economic situation of Belgium had been slowly deteriorating. The last a...
Brisbane general strike of 1912: Connexipedia Article
The 1912 Brisbane General Strike in Queensland, Australia, began when members of the Australian Tramway Employees Association were dismissed when they wore union badges to work.
Bureaucratic mass strikes: A response to Mark O'Brien
Lyddon, Dave
The mass strike of 30 November 2011 (N30) was the broadest and biggest ever British public sector strike and involved the largest number of women workers in any British strike. Dave Lyddon comments.
The Case of Occupy and the Longshoremen's Union: Who's Speaking for Whom?
Winslow, Cal
Occupy Oakland should not be pretending to speak on behalf of Oakland's dockworkers, and should not be telling the dockworkers when and how they should strike. Occupy Oakland's actions are the opposit...
The Danish General Strike
Chester, Eric
THE SCANDINAVIAN COUNTRIES have constituted the foremost outposts on the reformist road to socialism. One of them, Denmark, a small country of five million people, has become a flashpoint in the conti...
Facing Reality
James, C.L.R., Lee, Grace C., Chaulieu, Pierre
Inspired by the October 1956 Hungarian workers' revolution against Stalinist oppression, as well as the U.S. workers' "wild-cat" strikes (against capital and the union bureaucracies), the authors look...
General Strike France 1968: A factory-by-factory account
Hoyles, Andree
Andre Hoyles analyses the development, organisation and end of the mass strike in France, 1968, with reference to case studies of particular factories.
General Strike of 1842: Connexipedia Article
The strike started among the Staffordshire miners and soon spread through the country affecting factories, mills and coal mines from Dundee to South Wales and Cornwall.
The Great Strike at UNAM: Against The Current vol. 88
Castillo, Christian
The Great Strike of the Mexican National Autonomous University (UNAM), which for more than nine months was occupied by students organized in the Strike General Committee (CGH), started on April 20, 19...
Great Strike of 1913: Connexipedia Article
A near general strike that took place in New Zealand in 1913.
Live Working or Die Fighting: How the Working Class Went Global
Mason, Paul
Mason realtes a series of struggles for worker and human rights over the past two hundred years and compares them to current struggles.
The Making of Jericho Road: Against The Current vol. 132
Williams, Charles
An interview with Michael Honey. The paperback edition of Michael Honey’s Going Down Jericho Road: The Memphis Strike, Martin Luther King’s Last Campaign is released this January 2008.
The March 29 Strike Against Labor Law Reform in Spain: Outline of the Conjuncture
The general strike of March 29, although it mobilized a good part of the population, apparently took place with more pain than glory. Once the day of the strike was over, everything seemed to continue...
Marxism vs. Anarchism Part 5: From 1848 to the Bolshevik Revolution
Seymour, Joseph
Seymour analyzes the syndicalist movements - which emphasized that the main obstacle to social revolution lay in the organizational weakness of the anarchist movement and the disorganization of the wo...
A Marxist History of the World part 85: June 1936: the French general strike and factory occupations
Faulkner, Neil
In the mid-1930s French workers launched a wave of strikes and occupations. Neil Faulkner explains how the Stalinised Communist Party worked to contain this resistance.
The Mass Strike, the Political Party and the Trade Unions
Luxemburg, Rosa
Luxemburg writes that "the mass strike in Russia [in 1905] has been realised not as means of evading the political struggle of the working-class, and especially of parliamentarism, not as a means of j...
Die Massenstreikdebatte: Arbeiterbewegung Theorie und Geschicthe
Parvus; Luxemburg, Rosa; Kaustky, Karl; Pannekoek, Anton
New Orleans general strike of 1892: Connexipedia Article
A general strike in the U.S. city of New Orleans, Louisiana, that began on November 8, 1892.
"No one represents us": the 15 May movement in the Spanish state
Durgan, Andy & Sans, Joel
On 15 May 2011 thousands of people, mainly young, demonstrated all over the Spanish state under the slogans "For real democracy now" and "We are not commodities in the hands of politicians and bankers...
The Oakland General Strike of 1946
Weir, Stan
An account of the General Strike in Oakland, California.
Obsolete Communism: The Left-Wing Alternative
Cohn-Bendit, Daniel; Cohn-Bendit, Gabriel
An account of the May 1968 uprising in Paris, positing a left radical alternative to the encrusted beliefs of the old left and the right. A comment on power, on bureaucracy, and on the paths to libera...
Palestinian general strike 1936: Connexipedia Article
Part of the 1936-1939 Arab revolt in Palestine.
A People's History of the World: From the Stone Age to the New Millennium
Harman, Chris
Harman describes the shape and course of human history as a narrative of ordinary people forming and re-forming complex societies in pursuit of common human goals.
The Political Mass Strike
Luxemburg, Rosa
If we want to prove ourselves worthy of the great coming events then we must not begin at the wrong end by attempting to make technical preparations for the mass strike. When the situation is ripe, th...
The problem of the one-day strike: a response to Sean Vernell
O'Brien, Mark
An overview of the wave of strikes that took place over the issue of pensions across public sector trade unions between March 2011 and June 2012.
Rosa Luxemburg: Selected Political Writings
Luxemburg, Rosa (edited with an introduction by Robert Looker)
A selection of Rosa Luxemburg's writings which highlight her outstanding contributions to the theory and practice of revolutionary socialism.
The Rosa Luxemburg Reader
Luxemburg, Rosa. [Anderson, Kevin; Hudis, Peter (eds.)]
A definitive one-volume collection of Luxemburg's writings.
Saint Louis general strike 1877: Connexipedia Article
Generally accepted as the first general strike in America, the 1877 Saint Louis general strike grew out of the Great Railroad Strike of 1877. The general strike was largely organized by the Knights of...
The Seattle General Strike of 1919
History Committee of the General Strike Committee
From February 6 to February 11, 1919, nearly 100,000 Seattle workers participated in a general strike. This pamphlet is a history of the strike, written by the History Committee of the General Strike ...
Six Weeks of Solidarity
Dobchuk, Victor (Director)
A look at the 1919 Winnipeg General Strike, 75 years later.
The Social Passion: Religion and Social Reform in Canada 1914-28
Allen, Richard
An account of the movement within Canadian protestantism which sought to revive the neglected social dimensions of Christianity and to involve the church in social action.
The Socialist Register 1971: Volume 8: A survey of movements and ideas
Miliband, Ralph; Saville, John (eds.)
Serial Publication (Periodical)
The Socialist Register 1976: Volume 13: A Survey of Movements & Ideas
Miliband, Ralph; Saville, John (eds.)
Serial Publication (Periodical)
The Socialist Register 1978: Volume 15: A Survey of Movements & Ideas
Miliband, Ralph; Saville, John (eds.)
Serial Publication (Periodical)
Strike!: The True History of Mass Insurgence from 1877 to the Present
Brecher, Jeremy
A history-from-below that brings to light strikes as authentic revolutionary movements against the establishments of state, capital, and trade unionism.
The Trade Union Movement of Canada, 1827-1959
Lipton, Charles
An account of trade union evolution as a whole for the period 1827-1959, as well as an ouline of continuing sphere's of Labour's effort, such as organization of the unorganized, the fight for better c...
United Kingdom general strike of 1926: Connexipedia Article
The 1926 General Strike in the United Kingdom was a general strike called by the General Council of the Trades Union Congress (TUC) in an unsuccessful attempt to force the government to act to prevent...
We're Going to Run This City: Winnipeg's Political left after the General Strike
Epp-Koop, Stefan
Explores the dynamic municipal politics thqt came out of the largest labour protest in Canadian history and the ramifications for Winnipeg throughout the 1920s and 1930s.
When the State Trembled: How A.J. Andrews and the Citizens' Committee Broke the Winnipeg General Strike
Kramer, Reinhold; Mitchell, Tom
Recovers the story of how the business elite-led Citizens' Committee of 1000 crushed the Winnipeg General Strike of 1919.
Winnipeg General Strike: Connexipedia Article
The Winnipeg General Strike of 1919 was one of the most influential strikes in Canadian history, and became the platform for future labour reforms. In March 1919 labour delegates from across Western C...
Winnipeg General Strike: Connexipedia: Article in the Canadian Encyclopedia
In Winnipeg on May 15, when negotiations broke down between management and labour in the building and metal trades, the Winnipeg Trades and Labor Council called a general strike.

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Journalists and media attacked during general strike in Nepal
Sources News Release
The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) joins its affiliates, the Federation of Nepali Journalists (FNJ) and the Nepal Press Union (NPU), in condemning several incidents of attacks on journa...

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Radical America - Volume 6 Number 5
Special Issue: Quebec
Serial Publication (Periodical)
An analysis of the Quebec general strike of 1972 and its roots in Quebec history.