The Rosa Luxemburg Reader

Luxemburg, Rosa. [Anderson, Kevin; Hudis, Peter (eds.)]
Publisher:  Monthly Review Press, New York, USA
Year Published:  2004
Pages:  432pp   Price:  $23.00   ISBN:  1-58367-103-X
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX8639

A definitive one-volume collection of Luxemburg's writings.


Table of Contents:

Introduction by Peter Hudis and Kevin Anderson

Part I: Political Economy, Imperialism, and Non-Western Societies

1. The Historical Conditions of Accumulation, from The Accumulation of Capital
2. The Dissolution of Primitive Communism: From the Ancient Germans and the Incas to India, Russia, and Southern Africa, from Introduction to Political Economy
3. Slavery
4. Martinique

Part II: The Politics of Revolution: from the Critique of Reformism, Theory of the Mass Strike, Writings on Women

1. Social Reform and Revolution
2. The Mass Strike, the Political Party, and Trade Unions
3. Address to the Fifth Congress of the Russian Social-Democratic Labor Party
4. Theory and Practice
5. Writings on Women 1902-14
* A Tactical Question
* Address to the International Socialist Women’s Conference
* Women’s Suffrage and Class Struggle
* The Proletarian Woman

Part III: Spontaneity, Organization, and Democracy in the Disputes with Lenin

1. Organizational Questions of Russian Social Democracy
2. Credo: On the State of Russian Social Democracy
3. The Russian Revolution

Part IV: From Opposition to World War to the Actuality of Revolution

1. The Junius Pamphlet: The Crisis in German Social Democracy
2. Speeches and Letters on War and Revolution, 1918-19
* The Beginning
* The Socialization of Society
* What Does the Spartacus League Want?
* Our Program and the Political Situation
* Order Reigns in Berlin

Part V: “Like a Clap of Thunder”

1. Selected Correspondence, 1899-1917


Subject Headings

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