The Socialist Register 1976
Volume 13: A Survey of Movements & Ideas

Miliband, Ralph; Saville, John (eds.)
Publisher:  The Merlin Press
Year Published:  1976
Resource Type:  Serial Publication (Periodical)
Cx Number:  CX12726


Table of Contents

Socialist Register 1976 Preface -Ralph Miliband, John Saville
The XXth Congress and the British Communist Party -John Saville
The Day the Party Had to Stop -Malcolm MacEwen
1956 and the Communist Party -Margot Heinemann
Days of Tragedy and Farce -Mervyn Jones
The Workers' Council of Greater Budapest -Bill Lomax
How Not To Reappraise the New Left -Ken Coates
Moving On -Ralph Miliband
Controversial Issues in Marxist Economic Theory -Ben Fine, Laurence Harris
Marxist Women versus Bourgeois Feminism -Hal Draper, Anne G. Lipow

Subject Headings

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