Radical America - Volume 6 Number 5
Special Issue: Quebec

Publisher:  Radical America, Cambridge, USA
Year Published:  1972
Pages:  120pp   Resource Type:  Pamphlet
Cx Number:  CX11725

An analysis of the Quebec general strike of 1972 and its roots in Quebec history.


Table of Contents

John Huot: The Character of Class Struggle in Quebec
Solidaire: A Short History of Quebec Trade Unions
Peter Allnutt and Robert Chodos: Quebec: Into the Street
John Huot: The Development of Socialist Ideology and Organization
Nick Auf der Maur: Blue Collar October
C.S.N. Montreal Central Labor Council: Socialism is Democracy
F.T.Q.: A Call for Solidarity
C.E.Q.: Teachers are Workers Too
Richard Theoret: The Struggle of the Common Front
Solidaire: Chronology of the May General Strike
Resistance: St. Jerome in May
Last Post: Liberating the Media
Last Post: Chronology of Quebec History
Last Post: For Further Reading

Subject Headings

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