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Best of Times Worst of Times
Cormie, Lee
The moral of the creation story in Genesis is truer than ever before: In human hands increasingly rests responsibility for the whole of creation! The vocation to sisterhood and brotherhood in a single...
Changing Course: A study guide for Canadian social analysis
A study guide for individuals and groups who are trying to make sense of our society, and want to learn how to improve it.
Christian communism: Wikipedia article
Christian communism is a form of religious communism based on Christianity. It is a theological and political theory based upon the view that the teachings of Jesus Christ compel Christians to support...
Christian Evangelicals Increasingly Support Palestinian Human Rights: David Brog, the Attorney Behind CUFI
Weir, Alison
Support for Israel is eroding among American evangelical Christians, with only 30 percent in a recent survey stating support for Israel above Palestinians.
Christian left: Wikipedia article
The term Christian left refers to a spectrum of left-wing Christian political and social movements that largely embrace viewpoints described as social justice that upholds a social gospel.
Christian socialism: Wikipedia article
Christian socialism is a form of religious socialism based on the teachings of Jesus.
Cries of Victims - Voice Of God
De Roo, Remi J. Bishop
Faith in Action: The Canadian Churches' Ecumenical Coalitions for Social Justice
MacAdam, Murray
Sponsored by the major Canadian churches and working in areas ranging from international development, refugees and human rights issues abroad, to native concerns and poverty in Canada, the ecumenical ...
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The Holy Spirit of Resistance: Catholic Social Vision
Schmidt, Ted
Catholics all over the world are now becoming aware of their counter-cultural social vision. They are increasingly recognizing the call of God to active citizenship in building the Reign of God rather...
Justice Proclaimed
Schmidt, Ted
The evolution of justice as the central concern for the Catholic church, and in particular, the Canadian Catholic church is an exciting story with a long history, a history defined by the realization ...
The Long Loneliness
Day, Dorothy
Other Voices: The Connexions Newsletter - June 18, 2016
Serial Publication (Periodical)
This issue of Other Voices features a wide range of issues. The topic of the week is homophobia, the hate that led to 49 deaths in Orlando last week, but which is present in greater or lesser form in ...
A Persistent Peace: One Man's Struggle for a Nonviolent World
Dear, John
Jesuit priest John Dear ministers to the needy at the margins of society. He is a pacifist and anti-war activist who has spoken out against the Pentagon and the wars in Afghanistan and in Iraq. His vi...
Progressive Christianity: Wikipedia article
Progressive Christianity is a form of Christianity which is characterized by a willingness to question tradition, acceptance of human diversity, a strong emphasis on social justice and care for the po...
The Rise and Fall of Liberation Theology in Latin America
Kovalik, Dan; Sharabani, Souad
Liberation Theology in Latin America has been an integral part of progressive movements. The Vatican, with the support and guidance from the United States, has sabotaged Liberation Theology in Latin A...
Social Gospel: Connexipedia: Article in the Canadian Encyclopedia
The Social Gospel was an attempt to apply Christianity to the collective ills of an industrializing society, and was a major force in Canadian religious, social and political life from the 1890s throu...
Social Gospel: Wikipedia article
The Social Gospel movement is a Protestant Christian intellectual movement that was most prominent in the early 20th century United States and Canada. The movement applied Christian ethics to social p...
The Social Passion: Religion and Social Reform in Canada 1914-28
Allen, Richard
An account of the movement within Canadian protestantism which sought to revive the neglected social dimensions of Christianity and to involve the church in social action.
Social Teaching Incarnate at ICI
Walsh, Tom
From economic grassroots organizations, Latin Americans of every creed, race and colour gather under the one ICI roof for three month periods of intensive sharing and learning. Community and society p...
Taking Sides
Nolan, Albert
To many of us it is pretty obvious that there are some conflicts in which we ought to take sides. But what about the Christian belief in reconciliation, forgiveness and peace? How can you take sides i...
A Theology of Liberation: History, Politics, and Salvation
Gutierrez, Gustavo
The seminal text of the movement which was later characterized as liberation theology.

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Citizens for Public Justice
CPJ is a national organization promoting justice in Canadian public affairs, responding politically to God's call for love toward our neighbour and responsibility for our environment. We use research,...

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Christian humanism
Wikipedia article
Christian humanism emphasizes the humanity of Jesus, his social teachings and his propensity to synthesize human spirituality and materialism. It regards humanist principles like universal human digni...
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From the Connexions Archives

Social Action Commission of the Archdiocese of St. John's
Organization profile published 1981
In January, 1980, the Roman Catholic Archbishop of St. John's appointed a staff person to initiate a program of social action based on the statement of R.C. Bishops of the Atlantic provinces - "To Est...
Social Action Commission of the Diocese of Charlottetown
The Social Action Commission of the Diocese of Charlottetown describes its purpose as one of "educating the people of the Diocese on all matters related to social justice and working for transformatio...
Social Action Commission of The Diocese of Charlottetown
Organization profile published 1982
Vanguard Magazine
Periodical profile published 1976
Greene, Bonnie (ed.)
Serial Publication (Periodical)
An independent Christian magazine dealing with social issues.