Changing Course
A study guide for Canadian social analysis

Publisher:  Citizens for Public Justice, Toronto, Canada
Year Published:  1987
Pages:  32pp   Resource Type:  Pamphlet
Cx Number:  CX3327

A study guide for individuals and groups who are trying to make sense of our society, and want to learn how to improve it.

Changing Course asks the questions "Why are poverty and hunger so widespread in Canada? Why do so many people feel left out of our society, whether from unemployment, disabilities, or other causes? What can be done about these problems? It looks at possible answers to these questions that would come from "a more genuine application of Christian values". Its approach is to peel the "social policy onion", beginning with social realities and the social policies that address__or fail to address__them. It then moves on to the next layer: social structures. From there, it moves to what it sees as "the heart of the matter: how are we saved?" It quotes Bishop Remi de Roo as saying that "ethics are the route to economics." From there, it moves to a consideration of alternatives, calling for ethical and spiritual change, reform of social structures, and a healing of social realities. An appendix lays out Guidelines for Christian Political Service and Charter of Social Rights and Responsibilities developed by Citizens for Public Justice. Citizens for Public Justice is an ecumenical Christian organization "striving to express God's love, justice and healing in Canada's public affairs."

Subject Headings

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