A Society to be Transformed

Publisher:  Mission Information Department, Scarborough, Canada
Year Published:  1977  
Pages:  12min  
Book Type:  Videotape

Resource Type:  Film/Video
Cx Number:  CX512

Abstract:  This audio-visual package sponsored by the Canadian Religous Conference is based on the 1977 Social Message of the Canadian Bishops. Formely the annual Labour Day Message, this year's statement challenges Canadians to reflect on issues of concern in Canada to-day. Some of these issues include regional disparity,native peoples and immigration.The audio-visual program dramatizes the printed document and provides a documentary account of some of the problem areas in Canada as well as a method for analyzing them.Shoot entirely on location, the audio-visuals present real people e.g. a Newfoundland fisherman, a Saskatchewan farmer, an Acadian priest.....as they reflect the conditions under which they live and work.

This slide -tape documentary kit is designed for use in educational programmes of various levels.It is also designed for use in informal educational settings such as workshops. It containes two parts: Part One can be used early in a workshop and after some discussions and sharing; Part Two can be shown to help formaulate a local plan of action.

Subject Headings

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