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More chance of dying from work than going to war

Going to war may seem one of the most hazardous ordeals on the planet, but perhaps not. The International Labor Organization (ILO) says there is more...
Keywords: Workers' Health & Safety - Workers Injuries

With Power of Social Media Growing, Police Now Monitoring and Criminalizing Online Speech

Criminal cases for online political speech are now commonplace in the UK, notorious for its hostility to basic free speech and press rights. As The...
Keywords: Social Media - Surveillance

Toward the Agro-Police State

The main problem with precision agriculture -- and the hype that surrounds it -- is the faulty assumptions that it rests on. The problems of...
Keywords: Agricultural Business/Agribusiness - Agriculture

How to Spot - and Defeat - Disruption on the Internet

Over a number of years, we’ve found that the most effective way to fight disruption and disinformation is to link to a post such as this one which...
Keywords: Internet Issues - Trolls

Twenty-First-Century Land Grabs

Land grabs -- whether initiated by multinational corporations and private investment firms emanating from the capitalist core, sovereign wealth funds...
Keywords: Land Seizures - Agricultural Industries

Je Suis Charlie? It's a Bit Late

Hardly had news begun filtering out about the Charlie Hebdo shootings, than there were those suggesting that the magazine was a 'racist institution'...
Keywords: Cartoons - Religious Violence

Moral bankruptcy of capitalism': UK's top public doctor shames western society over Ebola

Western countries should tackle drugs firms' "scandalous" reluctance to invest in research into the virus which has already killed over 700 people in...
Keywords: Ebola - Pharmaceuticals/Economics

Bringing Books and Seeking Peace in Colombia

A teacher, two donkeys, and a big pile of books are working to enrich the lives of the children in a small community in Colombia.
Keywords: Colombia - Libraries

The liberal climate agenda is doomed to failure

Liberal environmentalism represents a dangerous delusion, writes Scott Parkin - that 'playing nice' with Earth-destroying corporations and politicians...
Keywords: Climate Change - Climate Justice

Connexions Organizing Resource page

Change requires organizing. Organizing means sustained long-term conscious effort to bring people together to work for common goals...
Keywords: Community Organizing - Labour Organizing

Other Voices: Connexions Newsletter - March 26, 2015

Featuring sustainability, ecology, and agriculture: Vandana Shiva’s “Small is the New Big,” Council of Canadians’ report on water issues, “Blue Betrayal,” film “The Future of Food,”, Brewster Kneen’s memoir “Journey of an Unrepentant Socialist” ...
Keywords: Agriculture/Ecology - Food

Climate politics must be as radical as the climate crisis

If the climate action movement allows its goals to be shaped by what is permissible in a capitalist economy then it has already failed. To respond to...
Keywords: Climate Change - Environmental Crisis

Capitalism is failing the planet

If we continue with capitalist business as usual, there will be disastrous consequences for humanity. Capitalism is in unavoidable conflict with...
Keywords: Climate Change - Global Climate Change

Time to Unfence our view of Migration

Instead of pretending that fence-building will solve anything, it is high time that we 'unfence' our views of migration. On the one hand, this means...
Keywords: Migration - Migrants

Climate Crisis, the Deindustrialization Imperative and the Jobs vs. Environment Dilemma

So long as we live under capitalism, today, tomorrow, next year and every year thereafter, economic growth will always be the overriding priority till...
Keywords: Climate Change - Crises

Monsanto and Ukraine

The World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF), under terms of their $17 billion loan to Ukraine, will force that country to permit...
Keywords: Ukraine - Ukraine/Doing Business in

NGOs Are Cages

We really need to understand the methods used by NGOs to undermine radical political organizing efforts and divert us into political dead ends.
Keywords: Non-Government Organizations (NGOs)

An alternative media list

A selective list of English-language alternative media.
Keywords: Alternative Media - Alternative News Sources

Rosa Luxemburg on the Socialist Civic Virtues

One of Rosa Luxemburg's most striking and least well-understood contributions was to draw on the classical "republican" notion of "civic virtue," as a...
Keywords: Solidarity - Collective Action

The Case for Grassroots Archives

Grassroots archives play a valuable role in what has been called "the battle of memory". People's history projects such as grassroots archives...
Keywords: Book Preservation - Canadian Heritage