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Ban of Russian Olympic Team: Cold War at its "Best"!
Vltchek, Andre
The West is using both old and new tactics to demonize and discredit all of its opponents, in what is becoming a new Cold War.
Beyond a Boundary
James, C.L.R.
Part memoir of a boyhood in a black colony (by one of the founders of African nationalism), part passionate celebration of the game of cricket, this book raises serious questions about race, class, po...
Beyond a Boundary - 50th anniversary
Malik, Kenan
This year marks the 50th anniversary of CLR James’ wonderful, groundbreaking work Beyond a Boundary. Beyond a Boundary blends politics and memoir, history and journalism, biography and reportage, in a...
The Biased Report that led to Banning Russians at the Olympics
Sterling, Rick
Canadian lawyer Richard Mclaren's report infuenced the World Anti-Doping Agency to call for the banning of all Russian athletes from the Rio Games.
Freikörperkultur: Connexipedia Article
A German movement whose name translates to Free Body Culture which endorses a naturistic approach to sports and community living.
Hitler's Propaganda Machine
Rutherford, Ward
International Workers' Olympiads: Wikipedia article
International Workers' Olympiads were an international sporting event arranged between 1925 and 1937 by Socialist Workers' Sport International (SASI). It was an organisation supported by social democr...
Other Voices: The Connexions Newsletter - August 13, 2016: Sports and Politics
Diemer, Ulli (ed.)
Serial Publication (Periodical)
Sports and politics have always been intertwined, though perhaps never as much so as in the current era. In the modern sports era, survival and success depend largely on the favour of corporations, wh...
Reality check: Croatian uniform virtually identical to...
Seed, Tony
Some media reports are ga-ga that the Croatian team will be wearing its red and white checkered uniform in the 2018 World Cup final on Sunday against France. Far from being innocent or fashionable, th...
Red Sport International: Wikipedia article
The International Association of Red Sports and Gymnastics Associations, commonly known as Red Sport International (RSI) or Sportintern was a Comintern-supported international sports organization esta...
Lester Rodney: The Long Ball Hitter: Against The Current vol. 145
Fried, Frank
I am writing this piece after reading the New York Times obituary of Lester Rodney, where both the role of the Daily Worker and Lester’s role as its sports writer were given their due credit in the fi...
Socialist Workers' Sport International: Wikipedia article
Socialist Workers' Sport International (German: Sozialistische Arbeitersport Internationale, SASI) was an international socialist sporting organisation, based in Lucerne. It was founded in 1920, and c...
Sport, Peace and Development: International Worker Sport 1913-2013: A festschrift book in honour of International Workers and Amateurs in Sports Confederation (CSIT)
Olin, Kalevi
Sport is seen to play an important role as a promoter for peace and social integration in different geographical, cultural and political contexts.
Sports & Resistance: Against The Current vol. 118
Asen, Peter Ian
The two most famous fists in American history belong to Tommie Smith and John Carlos. In 1968, Smith and Carlos finished gold and bronze, respectively, in the 200-meter dash competition in the Olympic...
The Struggle For Canadian Sport
Kidd, Bruce
Bruce Kidd, a former track star, documents the development and transformation of Canadian sport in the twentieth century.
The White Man in That Photo
Gazzaniga, Riccardo; Dieffenbach, Alexa Combs
Sometimes photographs deceive. Take this one, for example. It represents John Carlos and Tommie Smith's rebellious gesture the day they won medals for the 200 meters at the 1968 Summer Olympics in Mex...
World Cup 2010: Showcase South Africa: Against The Current vol. 132
Ross, Sam
September 15, 2007, marked the beginning of a 1,000-day countdown to the 2010 International Federation of Football Associations World Cup hosted by South Africa, the first African nation ever to host ...
The World Cup and the Corporatization of Soccer
Galeano, Eduardo
Huge global sporting contests, their boosters promise, will transform the nature of the host country. The billions South Africa poured into hosting the World Cup were touted by some as a form of devel...
World Cup Woes for South Africa: Against The Current vol. 147
Desai, Ashwin; Bond, Patrick
The overspending, crony capitalism and increased poverty the majority of South Africans now suffer are taking the fun out of the beautiful game, soccer. According to leading researcher Udesh Pillay of...

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Boycott BP's Baku games
Rowell, Andy
Baku, the oil capital of Azerbaijan, is set to host the 2015 European games. However, it's not just fun and games in this city. Azerbaijan is a country famous for oppressing freedom of speech, abusing...
Fifty years ago, Cassius Clay ‘shook up the world’ by winning the heavyweight title – and
Marqusee, Mike
The victory of the underdog who became Muhammad Ali – and how it wasn't just sport's hierarchies that were rocked by it. On the night of February 25, 1964, the 22 year old Cassius Clay defeated the su...
Going for Gold: A History of Olympic Controversies
While the Olympics serve to contribute to mutual understanding and finding commonality in difference, from its inception as a religious festival in ancient Greece to the huge celebrations in the twent...
Net Worth
Exploding The Myths of Pro Hockey
Cruise, David; Griffins, Alison
Olympic torch stokes warm pride and fiery protest among aboriginals
Mickleburgh, Rod
Differing opinions between aboriginal groups towards the 2010 Vancouver Olympics and Torch Relay.
Russia misses out while former drug cheats take their place in Rio
While Russia’s track and field team, including athletes with no doping history, sit out the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, there's a host of athletes who will be allowed to compete in Brazil despite having h...
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