New Left Caucus

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Canada's 1960s: The Ironies of Identity in a Rebellious Era
Palmer, Bryan D.
A history of social movements of the 1960s, including Canada’s student and anti-war movements, the rise of women’s liberation, labour agitation, and Quebec’s independence movement.
New Left Caucus (Toronto Student Movement): A Draft Manifesto
Kellerman, Bob; Limpus, Laurel; Resnick, Philip; Wernick, Andrew
Puts forward an alternative to Leninst factions which emerged in the Toronto Student Movement in 1968-1969. The authors state that "We consider ourselves, therefore, Marxists but not Leninists, thoug...
"The Backdrop Against Which Everything Happened": English-Canadian Student Movements and Off-Campus Movements for Change
Lexier, Roberta
Examines the relationship between the 1960s' student movements at English-Canadian universities and provincial, national, and international movements for change.