New Left Caucus (Toronto Student Movement)
A Draft Manifesto

Kellerman, Bob; Limpus, Laurel; Resnick, Philip; Wernick, Andrew
Year Published:  1969
Pages:  9pp   Resource Type:  Pamphlet
Cx Number:  CX7140

Puts forward an alternative to Leninst factions which emerged in the Toronto Student Movement in 1968-1969. The authors state that "We consider ourselves, therefore, Marxists but not Leninists, though we are prepared to work with various shades of Leninists in struggling against the common enemy, capitalism and imperialism. At the same time, however, we will not be cowed over by those who seek to resurrect Comrade Stalin as a hero, or justify the suppression of the Kronstadt Revolut, or the invasion of Czechoslovakia, etc. Our conceprt of socialism is different, and though we have no worked out program as yet, we will not allow the vanguard formations to close our options for us.

Subject Headings

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