Dying for Growth
Global Inequality and the Health of the Poor

Kim, Jin Yong, Millen, Joyce, Irwin, Alex & Gershman, John
Publisher:  Common Courage Press
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX8129

Dying for Growth presents a systematic analysis of the growth of transnationals (TNC) and their impact on regional political economies, national development and socioeconomic structures. The authors use the health of the poor as a measure of the success or failure of the global development project. The first section of the book looks at the ascendancy of the neoliberal economic views as espoused by Thatcher, Reagan and Kohl; the subsequent trade liberalization treaties; the power of the IMF; the rise of transnational autonomy and the removal of national economic policy. The second part of the book offers detailed accounts from the poor as they struggle to sustain their children. There are case studies from Haiti to Russia to Sub-Saharan Africa. Part three shows how transnationals emerged as the dominant political form in this century. "The War on Drugs" in section four is an investigation on how the TNC policies are a "war on the poor". There is no intention or interest in the eradication of drugs: the TNC and governments actually benefit from the repression of the poor under the guise of anti-drug activities. The final section offers an examination of other development options citing the case of Cuba as a contrast to the erosion of public health in the free-trade world. There is also a directory of non-governmental agencies and social movement organizations that focus on public health, human rights, social justice, anti-globalization issues and a brief note on their activities and contact information.

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