Bringing the Economy Home from the Market

Dobson, Ross V G
Publisher:  Black Rose Books
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX8127

Ross Dobson's book is an analysis of the economy and whether it is still functioning properly. In effect is it serving the needs of the people in providing for the needs of the population-food, clothing, shelter and the other necessities of life. Dobson looks at the present economic situation and how it contributes to the problems we see around us: long-term unemployment; recessions turning into depressions; recoveries that are jobless and a democracy declining as governments lose power to corporations. One alternative he posits is a Local Employment and Trading System (LET) which would allow for trade and bartering -people with goods and services would make them available to others in their community for credits which would then in turn allow them to access the goods and services of others. The book is a primer for those who want to have an impact on their local economy so that in turn it can foster greater economic democracy, cooperation and community forms of ownership that might more reliably meet our needs.

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