Stop the War
The Story of Britain's Biggest Mass Movement

Murray, Andrew and German, Lindsey

Publisher:  Bookmarks Publications
Year Published:  2005  
ISBN:  1-905192-00-2
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX8050

Abstract:  2 million people on the streets of London in 2003 did not stop the war in Iraq but it did change the relation between the U.S and Britain, the course of politics and how Britain is governed. The posters that said "not in my name" and the badges that twisted the labour party's leader to Bliar have become increasingly easy to justify. The book captures the mood of people, the creativity of the movement and the peculiarities of the British electoral system as Blair was able to win a majority while getting only one fifth of the vote. Contributions come from various sources-schoolchildren, intelligence officers and seasoned campaigners The book is also richly illustrated with the political art that the movement has generated.

Subject Headings

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