Deception By Design
Pharmaceutical Promotion in the Third World

Lexchin, Joel; Kaur, Shila Rani
Publisher:  Consumers International
Year Published:  1996   First Published:  1995
Pages:  91pp   ISBN:  9789679973686
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX6898

The authors discuss the workings of the pharmaceutical industry by exposing the unethical marketing practices, double standards and weak marketing codes.


Developing countries are being flooded with drugs, many of which are useless, expensive, or dangerous. All too often the pharmaceutical industry's promotion of drugs leads to irrational prescribing by doctors. Companies spend about 20-30% of their sales budget on promotion, providing free samples to doctors to create demand for their products. In recent years in many developing countries with developing market economies, prices of medicines have sometimes risen by 400-500%.

The main sources of information on new and existing products are the drug companies

Subject Headings

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