Marketing Practices

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Connexions Library

Deception By Design: Pharmaceutical Promotion in the Third World
Lexchin, Joel; Kaur, Shila Rani
The authors discuss the workings of the pharmaceutical industry by exposing the unethical marketing practices, double standards and weak marketing codes.
Inside Komen's NGOized Culture
Boyd, Kate; Storm, Cristien
The authors analyze the monopoly that the Komen Foundation has over breast cancer research and how the process of "NGOization" has cultivated a consumer culture in how participants engage with the mov...
Maximum Gifts by Return Mail
Kuniholm, Roland
Excellent book on direct mail fundraising.

Sources Library

Unabashed Self-Promoter's Guide
What Every Man, Woman, Child and Organization in America Needs to Know About Getting Ahead by Exploiting the Media
Lant, Dr. Jeffrey