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Boxcar Bertha: An Autobiography
Thompson, Bertha, as told to Ben Reitman
Memoirs of a woman who lived as a hobo and anarchist.
Bryant, Louise - Writings - Index
Bryant, Louise
Writings of Louise Bryant (1885-1936).
Ciliga, Ante - Writings - Index
Ciliga, Ante
Serial Publication (Periodical)
Writings of Ante Ciliga (1898-1992).
Crossing Hitler: The Man Who Put the Nazis on the Witness Stand
Hett, Benjamin Carter
Explores the first full-length biography of Litten, the turbulent years of the Weimar Republic and the terror of Nazi rule in Germany after 1933.
Daughter of a Revolutionary
Herzen, Natalie; Bakunin-Nechayev Circle
Dorothy Day: Champion of the Poor
Stone, Elaine Murray
Firing The Heather: The Life and Times of Nellie McClung
Hallet, Mary; Davis, Marilyn
This is the story of Nellie McClung, Canada's leading figure in the early women's rights movements. She fought for the right for women not just to be recognized as persons but as also to work outside ...
Forum: Canadian Life and Letters - 1920-1970: Selections from the Canadian Forum
Granatstein, J.L.
A selection of articles from fifty years of the Canadian Forum magazine.
The Gentle Subversive: Rachel Carson, Silent Spring, and the Rise of the Environmental Movement
Lytle, Mark Hamilton
Explores the evolution of Carson's ideas about nature, her love for the sea, her career as a biologist, and above all her emergence as a writer of extraordinary moral and ecological vision.
Great Peacemakers: True Stories from Around the World
Bellar, Ken; Chase, Heather
Profiles 20 world's most effective activists in this five-part book. Each part highlights different types of peacemakers. Part One recognizes activists who stand out for their efforts of choosing non-...
The Green Trees Beyond: A Memoir
Lawrence, R. D.
R.D. Lawrence, a self-taught biologist whose first years of life coincided with the Spanish civil war, and who later became a noted as well as self-taught Canadian biologist.
Tim Hector: A Caribbean Radical's Story
Buhle, Paul
An account of the life of Antiguan activist Tim Hector.
I Will Bear Witness: A Diary of the Nazi Years 1933-1941
Klemperer, Victor
These diaries, written in secrecy, provide a vivid account of everyday life in Hitler's Germany. Although he was baptized a Protestant, Klemperer was still considered a Jew by the regime and saw his f...
The Ideas of Victor Serge: A Life as a Work of Art
Weissman, Susan
Victor Serge devoted his life and his brilliant pen to the revolution which for him knew no frontiers. An anarchist turned Bolshevik, he was unorthodox by nature, often a heretic but never a renegade....
Lessons of Life and Death from Henry Spira: By Any Compromise Necessary?: Against The Current vol. 85
Hunter, Kim
A friend of Henry Spira once asked him why he left teaching in New York City, where he was successful and loved by the students, to go into the animal rights struggle. Spira said that humans were more...
Let Them Call Me Rebel: Saul Alinsky, His Life and Legacy
Horwitz, Sanford D.
A biography of Saul Alinsky and the evolution of his ideas on organizing.
A Long View from the Left: Memoirs of an American Revolutionary
Richmond, Al
A memoir of a member of the American Communist Party.
Opa Nobody: Against The Current vol. 135
Tribich, Chloe
In Opa Nobody, Sonya Huber — an activist struggling to reconcile her politics with the demands of human relationships and the realities of contemporary U.S. life — undertakes an ambitious task: the po...
The Radical Life of Rosa Luxemburg: A graphic novelization of the revolutionary life and legacy of "Red Rosa"
Evans, Kate
An excerpt from Red Rosa, a graphic biography of Rosa Luxemburg.
Red Rosa: A Graphic Biography of Rosa Luxemburg
Evans, Kate; Buhle, Paul
A giant of the political left, Rosa Luxemburg is one of the foremost minds in the canon of revolutionary socialist thought. Red Rosa gives Luxemburg her due as a radical and human being. In this beaut...
Rupert Lockwood (1908-1997): Journalist, Communist, Intellectual
Cahill, Rowan
This thesis explores aspects of the life, times, and career of Australian journalist Rupert Lockwood (1908-1997). During the Cold War, Lockwood was one of the best known members of the Communist Party...
Ruth First and Joe Slovo in the War against Apartheid
Hartley, Paul
Two leading activists of the fight against Apartheid, Ruth First and Joe Slovo, for the first time have received a comprehensive biography.
Shaping Histories
Irving, Terry; Cahill, Rowan
During the last few years, a number of researchers have interviewed the authors regarding their politics and practice in relation to 'history'. In reflecting upon their individual 'historiographies', ...
She never was afraid: The biography of Annie Buller
Watson, Louise
The story of Annie Buller, a Canadian trade union activist and Communist.
Wilfred Burchett's Retreat From Moscow
Lockwood, Rupert
Between 1965-1968, journalist Rupert Lockwood (1908-1997) was the Moscow-based correspondent for the Communist Party of Australia’s (CPA) newspaper Tribune. A veteran journalist, Lockwood had become ...
William Morris: From Romantic to Revolutionary
Thompson, E. P.
A biography of the nineteenth-century socialist, designer, artist, and intellectual William Morris.

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Dictionary of Canadian Biography Online
More than 8,500 biographies of Canadians.
George Orwell: A Life
Crick, Bernard
A biography of George Orwell.
The Tamarisk Tree
My Quest for Liberty and Love
Russell, Dora
The autobiography of Dora R5ussell.

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Braverman, Harry (Harry Frankel) - Writings - Index
Braverman, Harry
Writings of Harry Braverman (aka Harry Frankel) (1920-1976).
Fame & Fortune Online
Comprehensive listing of awards available to Canadian journalists.