Wilfred Burchett's Retreat From Moscow

Lockwood, Rupert
Publisher:  Radycal Sydney/Radical History
Year Published:  2013
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX16432

Between 1965-1968, journalist Rupert Lockwood (1908-1997) was the Moscow-based correspondent for the Communist Party of Australia’s (CPA) newspaper Tribune. A veteran journalist, Lockwood had become a leftist as the result of his front-line experiences covering the Spanish Civil War for the Melbourne Herald. A party member since 1939, his Moscow experiences contributed to him leaving the party in 1969. In these previously unpublished “Notes and Recollections”, drafted in the 1980s, Lockwood recalls his Moscow experiences, and his association with journalist Wilfred Burchett (1911-1983).

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