She never was afraid
The biography of Annie Buller

Watson, Louise
Publisher:  Progress Books
Year Published:  1976
Pages:  129pp   ISBN:  0-919396-31-3
Library of Congress Number:  HX103.B94W38   Dewey:  335.43'092'4
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX11588

The story of Annie Buller, a Canadian trade union activist and Communist.

Documents the life and times of one of Canada's most dedicated female social activists. Born in 1896, Annie Buller fought for the rights of working class people from the First World War well into the 1960s. Believing in the principles of communism and the idea that social progress can only be made through socialism, Buller fearlessly spoke out against capitalism. She also spoke out against violence, war and feminist views "which made man the enemy rather than capitalism, the enemy of both working men and women." Louise Watson, the author of the biography, discusses Buller's achievements from her early days in Montreal throughout her stints in prison and her criticism of American imperialism in Southeast Asia in the 1960s. The narrative follows Buller's life closely presenting her passion for both the written word and public speaking. Annie was described as "a fearless women who dared to speak up, to arouse men and women to an awareness of the injustice of capitalism and the need to change it." She was seen as an inspiration to young women and socialists alike. "The real heroes and heroines are those striving to win a better world, a just world, a humane world, the world of socialism and lasting peace. This was what Annie Buller stood for all her life." Buller's biography is filled with references to the history of Canada's communist movement and presents a valuable piece documenting an important Canadian heroine of socialism in the twentieth century.

[Abstract by William Stevenson]

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