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  1. Alternative Americas
    An informal history by the grandmother of the counter-culture

    Resource Type: Book
    First Published: 1982
    A history of decentralist and co-operative alternatives in the United States, centering especially on the work of Ralph Borsodi.
  2. Building Economic Alternatives
    Resource Type: Article
    First Published: 1992
    Moffatt outlines many currently practiced methods of creating an alternative economy.
  3. Catch your dreams - utopia is possible!
    While Marinaleda has its flaws, it reminds us that alternative economic models are not only possible, they already exist.

    Resource Type: Article
    First Published: 2014
    Amid Spain's general depression, Marinaleda - an Andalucian town sometimes dubbed the 'communist utopia' - is bucking the moribund trend with a heady mixture of direct action, community-level democracy, cooperation and mutual aid.
  4. Collective Courage
    A History of African American Cooperative Economic Thought and Practice

    Resource Type: Book
    First Published: 2014
    In Collective Courage, Jessica Gordon Nembhard chronicles African American cooperative business ownership and its place in the movements for Black civil rights and economic equality.
  5. Fanshen
    Documentary of Revolution in a Chinese Village

    Resource Type: Book
    First Published: 1966
    William Hinton's work is a marvelous and revealing look into life in the Chinese countryside, where tradition and modernity have had both a complementary and caustic relationship since the Chinese Communist Party first came to power.
  6. From Prince to Rebel
    Peter Kropotkin

    Resource Type: Book
    First Published: 1990
    A bigraphy of the anarchist intellectual Peter Kropotkin.
  7. From The Roots Up: Economic Development As If Community Mattered
    Resource Type: Book
    First Published: 1987
  8. Home!
    A Bioregional Reader

    Resource Type: Book
    First Published: 1990
    A guide to the vision and strategy of bioregionalism.
  9. Kropokin on Mutual Aid - Review
    Resource Type: Article
    First Published: 1956
  10. Mutual Aid: A Factor of Evolution 
    Resource Type: Book
    First Published: 1902
  11. Mutualism
    Connexipedia Article

    Resource Type: Article
  12. Other Voices: The Connexions Newsletter - December 5, 2015

    Resource Type: Serial Publication (Periodical)
    First Published: 2015
    Utopian visions, be they practical or not, free our imaginations, if only for a little while, from the daily grind of struggle and worry, and allow us to dream about the kind of world we would hope to live in. Such dreams can inspire us and guide us, even if they are not always quite practical. This issue of Other Voices peers into the world of utopian visions, practical or otherwise.
  13. A Paradise Built in Hell 
    The Extraordinary Communities That Arise in Disaster

    Resource Type: Book
    First Published: 2010
    The most startling thing about disasters, according to Rebecca Solnit, is not merely that so many people rise to the occasion, but that they do so with joy. That joy reveals an ordinarily unmet yearning for community, purposefulness, and meaningful work that disaster often provides.
  14. Reinventing power: People take control
    New Internationalist September 2003

    Resource Type: Serial Publication (Periodical)
    First Published: 2003
    A look at democracy and power in countries including Mexico, South Africa and Thailand.
  15. Rosa Luxemburg on the Socialist Civic Virtues
    Resource Type: Article
    First Published: 2014
    One of Rosa Luxemburg's most striking and least well-understood contributions was to draw on the classical "republican" notion of "civic virtue," as a vital part of her analysis of working-class democracy.
  16. States of Denial
    Knowing About Atrocities and Suffering

    Resource Type: Book
    First Published: 2001

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