Accumulation of Capital

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Accumulation and Control of Labor
Ticktin, Hillel
Bob Brenner has written a book that is clearly important and I respect him for tackling the issues and working on them so assiduously. His work is clear and I have found it very useful in clarifying ...
The Accumulation of Capital
Luxemburg, Rosa
Rosa Luxemburg's analysis of the inherent contradictions of capitalist accumulation.
The Accumulation of Capital An Anti-Critique: The Accumulation of Capital, or What the Epigones Have Made of Marx's Theory
Luxemburg, Rosa
Rosa Luxemburg's reply to the critics of her book The Accumulation of Capital. Originally written in 1915 while Luxemburg was interned in the women’s prison, Barnimstrasse, Berlin, and published after...
An Anti-Capitalist Manifesto
Callinicos, Alex
An extended argument about what the anti-capitalist movement should stand for.
Back to Marx
Wood, Ellen Meiksins
Maybe it's time for the left to see the universalization of capitalism not just as a defeat for us but also as an opportunity -- and that, of course, above all means a new opportunity for that unfash...
Das Capital, Volume 1: A Critical Analysis of Capitalist Production
Marx, Karl
Marx's great work sets out to grasp and portray the totality of the capitalist mode of production, and the bourgeois society that emerges from it. He describes and connects all its economic features, ...
China in the Contemporary World Dynamic of Accumulation and Class Struggle
Goldner, Loren
The Chinese ruling elite is riding the whirlwind precisely because its own necessary reforms are quite visibly setting in motion social processes that could completely overwhelm it, namely a working-c...
The Complete Works of Rosa Luxemburg, Volume I: Economic Writings 1
Luxemburg, Rosa (Edited by Peter Hudis
This first volume in Rosa Luxemburg's Complete Works, entitled Economic Writings 1, contains some of Luxemburg's most important statements on the globalization of capital, wage labour, imperialism, an...
The Complete Works of Rosa Luxemburg, Volume II: Economic Writings 2
Luxemburg, Rosa (Edited by Peter Hudis and Paul Le Blanc)
This volume contains a new English translation of Luxemburg’s most important book, The Accumulation of Capital (1913) as well as her response to its critics. Taken together, they constitute one of the...
A Dictionary of Marxist Thought
Bottomore, Tom
Dunayevskaya, Raya - Writings - Index
Dunayevskaya, Raya
Writings of Raya Dunayevskaya (1910-1987).
The Economic Revolution: Towards a Sustainable Future By Freeing The Economy From Money-Making
Hoogendijk, William
Money making grows at the cost of destroying our social fabirc and resource base and proposes a new economic remedy.
Karl Marx: Economist or Revolutionary?
Cleaver, Harry
Cleaver illustrates how, in the history of Marxist work on the theory of crisis, many have forgotten the revolutionary content of Marx’s own work and thus left themselves open to the dangers of capita...
Luxemburg, Rosa - Writings - Index
Luxemburg, Rosa
Writings of Rosa Luxemburg (1871-1919).
Luxemburg's Theory of Accumulation: How it Differed with Marx and Lenin
Dunayevskaya, Raya [F. Forest]
Dunayevskaya argues that Luxemburg was on the wrong track in her attempt to revise the conclusions of Marx's Capital.
A gateway to resources about Marxism compiled by Connexions.
A Marxist History of the World part 54: What is Capitalism?
Faulkner, Neil
In this critical chapter of his world history, Neil Faulkner explores capitalism and what it means from the Industrial Revolution to the present day.
Mattick, Paul - Writings - Index
Mattick, Paul
Writings of Paul Mattick (1904-1981).
Rosa Luxemburg: Abridged Edition
Nettl, Peter
A biography of Luxemburg by a British academic.
Rosa Luxemburg: Economics for a New Socialist Project
Schmidt, Ingo
Reading Marx’ Capital today leaves the same impression as reading Luxemburg’s The Accumulation of Capital. One wonders whether Marx and Luxemburg really wrote their books more than one hundred years a...
The Rosa Luxemburg Reader
Luxemburg, Rosa. [Anderson, Kevin; Hudis, Peter (eds.)]
A definitive one-volume collection of Luxemburg's writings.
Rosa Luxemburg's Accumulation of Capital: New Perspectives on Capitalist Development and American Hegemony
Schmidt, Ingo
From a Luxemburgian perspective post-war capitalism developed in two phases, each of which was possible because class-struggles and international conflicts had opened non-capitalist environments for c...
The Socialist Register 1969: Volume6: A Survey of Movements & Ideas
Miliband, Ralph; Saville, John (eds.)
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