Rosa Luxemburg
Abridged Edition

Nettl, Peter
Publisher:  Oxford
Year First Published:  {12404 Rosa Luxemburg ROSA LUXEMBURG Abridged Edition Nettl, Peter Oxford A biography of Luxemburg by a British academic. 1966 1969 557pp BC12404-Luxemburg.jpg B Book 335.43 CX6544 0 false true false CX6544.htm [0xc00034b6b0 0xc00034ba70 0xc000355ef0 0xc0004d4d20 0xc0004d4e40 0xc0004d4ff0 0xc00023b4a0 0xc000139d40 0xc0004040c0 0xc0000ea2d0 0xc000167380 0xc000167f20 0xc0008494a0 0xc000857890 0xc0008721b0 0xc0004e7a10 0xc000bebd10 0xc000c17170 0xc000d44210 0xc000a97ef0 0xc0005c6a50 0xc000b1e2d0 0xc000e5d7d0 0xc000ea58c0 0xc000deef90 0xc000cb1980 0xc001002c60 0xc0010fcb10 0xc0011bb710 0xc0011e49f0 0xc0015870e0 0xc0019444e0 0xc001221290 0xc0001fb860 0xc000dd5a70 0xc0013182d0 0xc001cc6ba0 0xc00205e360 0xc00216cbd0 0xc002183f80 0xc0021c8c60 0xc0005af4d0 0xc000dbf470 0xc00155a180 0xc001db2450 0xc001e027e0 0xc001f7ccc0 0xc001fc3170 0xc00220c330 0xc002307590 0xc002343c80 0xc0025ee570 0xc00268c930 0xc0024ae2a0 0xc00063a3c0 0xc001ee5f50 0xc0027bbe90] Cx}
Year Published:  1969
Pages:  557pp     Dewey:  335.43
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX6544

A biography of Luxemburg by a British academic.

Subject Headings

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