Center for Third World Organizing
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1218 E. 21st Street
Oakland CA 94606,


Purpose: A training and resource centre dedicated to building a social justice movement led by people of colour.

CTWO works with local allies and community organizations nationally to strategize on how to win campaigns, with the goal of not only meeting demands, but also building an active membership base and developing new leaders of color through hands-on leadership development trainings and workshops.

Its Movement Activist Apprenticeship Program (MAAP) provides organizer training program for people of color, bringing motivated young activists together from all over the country to teach them the science and art of organizing communities around their most salient issues.

Participants in its Community Action Trainings (CAT) learn how to door-knock and other forms of contact work as a tool for recruiting and mobilizing constituents, participate in campaign development and actions, learn grassroots fundraising techniques, debate approaches to social change as well as develop strategies that link the legacy of organizing in communities of colour with today's fight for social justice.

Founded: 1980

Structure: Non-Profit

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