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Bolivia: WikiLeaks Expose US Conspiracy
Fuentes, Federico
Recently released United States embassy cables from Bolivia have provided additional insight to the events leading up to the September 2008 coup attempt against the Andean country’s first indigenous p...
The Case for Grassroots Archives
Diemer, Ulli
Grassroots archives play a valuable role in what has been called "the battle of memory". People's history projects such as grassroots archives preserve and share stories of resistance, hidden historie...
Film as a Subversive Art
Vogel, Amos
Analyzes how aesthetic, sexual and ideological subversives use film to change and demystify.
Karl Marx and the Iroquois: An essay on Marx's Ethnological Notebooks
Rosemont, Franklin
Franklin Rosemont delves into Marx's Ethnological Notebooks and examines their significance and relevance towards today's communist movement.
On Wielding the Subversive Scalpel
In subversion, we leave behind the interminable argument between the good bureaucrats & the bad ones. By subversion we do not mean, as in its common usage, "overthrowing the government" & replacing it...
Other Voices: The Connexions Newsletter - May 7, 2016: Destabilization and Regime Change
Diemer, Ulli (ed.)
Serial Publication (Periodical)
When governments get too far out of line -- the most outrageous offence, from the point of view of imperial power, is pursuing policies that help ordinary people at the expense of transnational corpo...
Police State: US Government-Funded Database Created to Track "Subversive Propaganda" Online
MacEgan, Matthew
The creation of the Truthy database by Indiana University researchers has drawn sharp criticism from free-speech advocates and others concerned over government censorship of political expression.
The Professor of Parody
Nussbaum, Martha
It is difficult to come to grips with Judith Butler’s ideas because it is difficult to figure out what they are.
Rebel Sell: Why the Culture Can't be Jammed
Heath, Joseph; Potter, Adnrew
Released in the U.S. under the title Nation of Rebels: Why Counterculture Became Consumer Culture, the book is a critique of the underlying theory of counterculture Heath and Potter note that the cap...
Re-Framing Dissent As Criminal Subversion: Paradigm Shift and Political Repression
Berlet, Chip
When our national security interests are perceived as threatened, secrecy becomes sacred, and the ends justify the means. Since the end of World War II, the techniques of political repression recur, b...
The Situationists and the New Forms of Action Against Politics and Art
Vignet, Réne
Our task is to link up the theoretical critique of modern society with the critique of it in acts. By detourning the very propositions of the spectacle, we can directly reveal the implications of pres...
Soft-Powering Cuba: Regime-Change in a Box
Sandels, Robert
How the U.S. uses "soft power" to undermine governments abroad and democracy at home.
Subversives: The FBI's War on Student Radicals, and Reagan's Rise to Power
Rosenfeld, Seth
A study of the role of the FBI in the postwar Red Scare, focusing especially on Ronald Reagan's long and creepy relationship with the FBI. It is also a fascinating account of the origins and developme...
Synthesis: A review of events reported in the Canadian press - October 1977: Volume V Number 8
Serial Publication (Periodical)
Synthesis is the journal of the Canadian News Synthesis Project. Previously known as the Canadian News Synthesis Project (1974 - 1976), Synthesis analyzes and presents current news coverage of the mos...
Synthesis: A review of events reported in the Canadian press: Volume VI Number 9
Serial Publication (Periodical)
Synthesis is the journal of the Canadian News Synthesis Project. Previously known as the Canadian News Synthesis Project (1974 - 1976), Synthesis analyzes and presents current news coverage of the mos...
Uruguay 1964-1970
Blum, William
An account of American involvement in torture and counter-insurgency in Uruguay.
A User's Guide to Détournement
Debord, Guy; Wolman, Gil J
Détournement means deflection, diversion, rerouting, distortion, misuse, misappropriation, hijacking, or otherwise turning something aside from its normal course or purpose.
The War on Democracy
Pilger, John (director)
This film by John Pilger explores the current and past relationship of Washington with Latin American countries such as Venezuela, Bolivia and Chile.
The War on Democracy in Latin America: Interview with John Pilger
Montesanti, Edu
Journalist, writer and filmmaker John Pilger granted this exclusive interview where he talks about the US war on democracy in Latin America. "Modern era imperialism is a war on democracy. Genuine demo...

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