Sex Offenders

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Lock 'Em Up: The Prison State
Yates, Michael
Without a doubt, most of those enmeshed in the (in)justice system are not dangers to society and would not have been in it at all in a society that wasn't so racist and so shot through with every kind...

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Beyond Borders -- Ensuring Global Justice for Children
Beyond Borders, a charitable organization, works to end all sexual crimes against children, especially cross-border crimes including sex tourism and child pornography. Beyond Borders is the Canadian a...

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Julia Tuttle Causeway sex offender colony
Wikipedia article
The Julia Tuttle Causeway sex offender colony (also called "Bookville" by former residents) was an encampment of banished, registered sex offenders who were living beneath the Julia Tuttle Causeway --...
Keystone Cops Sex Registry
Cain, Patrick
Washroom sex might show up on Ontario's new offender list, but real pedophiles will probably go free.