Lock 'Em Up
The Prison State

Yates, Michael

Publisher:  CounterPunch
Date Written:  17/08/2010
Year Published:  2010  
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX12075

Without a doubt, most of those enmeshed in the (in)justice system are not dangers to society and would not have been in it at all in a society that wasn't so racist and so shot through with every kind of social and economic inequality. Unfortunately, whatever the reasons why so many men and women have been denied their freedom, once the numbers began to rise dramatically, constituencies came into being: lawyers, police, probation officers, prison guards and staff, drug and alcohol rehabilitation counselors, sex offender counselors, vendors of all sorts, clerks and other clerical support staff, court officers, judges, community service employers that have a strong stake in milking the new cash cow.

Subject Headings

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