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The Big Sell
Berton, Pierre
The Borrower and the Billionaire: A Foreclosure Story
Hudson, Michael W.
In this excerpt adapted from The Monster, Michael W. Hudson writes about the nation’s largest subprime lending empire through the fortunes of its owner and one of its customers.
Corporate crime wave: New Internationalist July 2003
Serial Publication (Periodical)
A look into corporate crime, people who have been involved, and what happens to the money. Also discusses what can be done to stop corporate crime.
Corruption: Can the rot be stopped?: New Internationalist December 2006
Serial Publication (Periodical)
A look at the people standing up to challenge corruption and make a difference.
Extrasensory Deception
Gordon, Henry
The Monster: How a Gang of Predatory Lenders and Wall Street Bankers Fleeced America -- and Spawned a Global Crisis
Hudson, Michael W.
Hudson explains the rise and fall of the subprime mortgage business by chronicling the rise and fall of two corporate empires: Ameriquest and Lehman Brothers, who did more than any other institutions ...
Profit by Fiat
Bichler, Shimshon; Nitzan, Johnathan
The current bond rigging scandal, in which banks colluded to rig bids on municipal bonds, was a scam that the banks learned from the mafia, who in turn learned it from the Rockfellers and tehri partne...
The Right-to-Farm Scam: Third Wave Corporatocracy
Fitz, Don
When Monsanto’s home state of Missouri passed the “Right to Farm” on August 5, 2014 the third noose of corporate control tightened around the neck of the US. Unlike the first two steps of corporate d...
A Short Course in Intellectual Self-Defense: Find Your Inner Chomsky
Baillargeon, Normand
What must a citizen in a democracy know to make the word democracy meaningful? Baillargeon provides readers with the tools to see through everyday spin and jargon -- from politics to advertising, from...
Tea Party's fake protestors for Big Sugar against Florida Everglades
Tickell, Oliver
The Tea Party of Miami put up a convincing demo last week to oppose a 'land grab' that would see 46,000 acres of sugar farm land restored for Everglades conservation. Just one problem - the 'protestor...
'Upstanding Citizens' Escape Justice in Tory 'In-and-Out' Scandal
Fillmore, Nick
The "In-and-Out" Scandal: Case should have proceeded against 'Upstanding citizens'. This is a story about illegal activities, deceit and lying involving an overzealous group of Canadians who seemed p...

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Alert: Google Disavow Link Removal Tool Used To Scam Webmaster
It seems some groups are making serious usage of Google Webmaster email’s notifications to the webmasters. It appears that some have started sending fake / scam emails to the users around the Google W...
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A form of fraud in which the party putting forth the fraud lures in customers by advertising a product or service at a low price or with many features, then reveals to potential customers that the adv...
Don't Be Scammed Into Removing Links
Schwartz, Barry
There may be a new competitive sabotage scam going around the SEO industry around link removals: emails advising webmasters to ask other sites to remove good and legitimate links to their websites.
Link Removal Services & Notices -- The Newest Internet Scam?
Forum discussion on link removal notices as a new form of scam.
Pakistani Company Accused of Running Fake Degree Scam Has a History of Silencing Critics
Qurratulain, Zaman (Annie)
On immoral companies and small voices. A Pakistani company has been silencing accusations of illegality through the intimidation of big law suits.
'Can you hear me?': New phone scam tricks you into answering 'yes'
Snowdon, Wallis
Describes a new telephone scam being run in North America, wherein a recording of one's voice saying the word 'yes' is used to defraud victims.
Scams in Intellectual Property
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Won't Get Fooled Again
Welch, Andy
Bank fraud is a bigger problem than I had ever realised. Experts suggest one in four of us will be directly affected by bank fraud at one point or another, while millions and millions of pounds is pum...