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Nicaragua: A Revolution Under Siege
Harris, Richard; Vilas, Carlos M. (ed.)
Latin American and U.S. scholars and journalists present an independent analysis of the first five years of the Sandinista Revolution. They show the immense problems - organizational, economic, politi...
Nicaragua: A New Kind of Revolution
Zwerling, Philip; Martin, Connie
From these forty-five interviews emerges a vivid picture of how life in Nicaragua has been transformed by the revolution. These interviews, even though some express opposition to the Sandinistas, reve...
A Painful Struggle for Renewal: Against The Current vol. 87
Feeley, Dianne
Twenty-one years after the Sandinista National Liberation Front's triumph of July 1979, and ten years since the FSLN government lost power in an electoral upset, Nicaragua's political and economic pic...
The Socialist Register 1988: Volume 24: Problems of Socialist Renewal: East & West
Miliband, Ralph; Panitch, Leo; Saville, John (eds.)
Serial Publication (Periodical)
An examination of the prospects for socialism written shortly before the fall of the Soviet Union.
The Socialist Register 1989: Volume 25: Revolution Today. Aspirations and Realities
Miliband, Ralph; Saville, John (eds.)
Serial Publication (Periodical)
Socialist Register 1991: Volume 27: Communist Regimes the Aftermath
Miliband, Ralph; Panitch, Leo (eds.)
Serial Publication (Periodical)
Triumph of the People: The Sandinista Revolution in Nicaragua
Black, George
This is the story of Latin America's first successful revolution since Cuba. Here is the first major study of the Sandinista Revolution. It focuses mainly on the years of armed struggle and on the exc...
Women and the Sandinista Revolution
National Directorate Sandinista National Liberation Front
The Sandinista National Liberation Front must lead the struggle for thr education and conscientization of the entire society towards the eradication of discrminiation against women, which obstructs th...