Women and the Sandinista Revolution

National Directorate Sandinista National Liberation Front
Date Written:  1987-03-08
Publisher:  Editorial Vanguardia, Nicaragua
Year Published:  1987
Pages:  40pp   Resource Type:  Pamphlet
Cx Number:  CX23200

The Sandinista National Liberation Front must lead the struggle for thr education and conscientization of the entire society towards the eradication of discrminiation against women, which obstructs their full incorporation into the revoluntary process.



The FSLN, by outlining these reflections and positions on the situlation of women within the Revolution, ratifies once again its belief that Nicaraguan women will continue devoting their best efforts and energies to the defense and consolidation of this revolutionary process, which had created and guarntees the conditions for the full realization of their human potential.

The FSLN holds the firm conviction that these positions will be assumed by women men and women, by all Nicaraguans, with the same determination that workers and the youth have demonstrated in taking up military defense and production activities.

Putting these positions into practice will multiply our moral and material forces in the battle which we wage today against foriegn agresssion.

Long Live the women of Nicaragua!!

No one surrenders here!!

Free homeland or death!!


Table of Contents:

The situlation of women prior to the trumiph of the Revolution
Women and the popular struggle
Women after the triumph of the Revolution
The FSLN position on the situlation of women

Subject Headings

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