Refusing Orders

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Breaking Ranks
Everett, Melissa
The riveting inside account of men who have emerged from fulfilling, respected, and often lucrative and influential jobs in the military-industrial complex to work for peace. Based on extensive interv...
The Fort Hood 43
Gardner, Fred
A history of the 43 infantrymen who refused to be deployed against protestors at the 1968 Democratic National Convention.
Fragging: Connexipedia Article
The assassination of an unpopular officer by members of his own unit.
GI Coffeehouses Recalled: a Compliment From General Westmoreland
Gardner, Fred
The New York Times has published an op-ed piece by historian David Parsons about the coffeehouses started near US bases during the War in Vietnam.
Israeli attacks on a dissident soldiers' group could backfire
Sheizaf, Noam
Yehuda Shaul was an infantryman in the Israeli army in Hebron during the second intifada. But in recent weeks, he and his group of veterans have been vilified by right-wing organizations and mainstrea...
Other Voices: The Connexions Newsletter - January 22, 2017: Disobedience
Diemer, Ulli (ed.)
Serial Publication (Periodical)
Ultimately all power structures depend on the obedience of those over whom they rule. It helps if people believe in the legitimacy of those who wield power, but the crucial thing is obedience. Once pe...
Presidio mutiny: Wikipedia article
The Presidio mutiny was a sit-down protest carried out by 27 prisoners at the Presidio stockade in San Francisco, California on October 14, 1968. The stiff sentences given out at courts martial for th...
Sir! No Sir!
Zeiger, David (director)
A documentary about the anti-war movement within the ranks of the United States Armed Forces during the Vietnam War.
Soldiers in Revolt: GI Resistance during the Vietnam War
Cortright, David
A definitive account of GI resistance in the Vietnam War. With an introduction by Howard Zinn.
When Soldiers Resist
Fanning, Rory
Let's remember the courageous war resisters who said no to the slaughter in Vietnam.