Soldiers in Revolt
GI Resistance during the Vietnam War

Cortright, David
Publisher:  Haymarket
Year Published:  2005
Pages:  364pp   ISBN:  978-1931859271
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX20239

A definitive account of GI resistance in the Vietnam War. With an introduction by Howard Zinn.


This was a great and uplifting story about thinking warriors that dared to stand up for what is right by standing down. Whole companies refused orders. Pilots refused to fly bombing runs, even the intelligence people refused to pass intelligence except to warn US troops.

One sailor even disabled an entire aircraft carrier so it couldn't put to sea for two months. These men and women saved more lives and had more to do with ending of the Vietnam war than any other factor combined... and the story has been suppressed.

Subject Headings

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