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The Battle for Puerto Rico's Labor Movement: Against The Current vol. 139
Bernabe, Rafael
The teachers' union Federación de Maestros de Puerto Rico (FMPR) is the island’s largest labor union. Its evolution has considerable impact on Puerto Rico’s labor movement as a whole. In fact, recent ...
Boricua's Revolutionary Inspiration: Black Flag Boricuas: Anarchism, Antiauthoritarianism, and the Left in Puerto Rico 1897-1921 (Book Review)
Báez, Antonio Camona
Book review of Kirwin R. Shaffer's Black Flag Boricuas: Anarchism, Antiauthoritarianism, and the Left in Puerto Rico 1897-1921.
The Case of Oscar Lopez Rivera
Susler, Jan
Examing the criminal case against and incarceration of Oscar Lopez Rivera, a Puerto Rican activist and organiser charged and convicted of seditious conspiracy in 1980.
COINTELPRO Papers: Documents from the FBI's Secret Wars Against Dissent in the United States
Churchill, Ward; Wall, Jim Vander
Once-secret COINTELPRO documents (the acronym for Counter Intelligence Programs) tell of the FBI's tactics to discredit any organization that they percieved to be a threat to the status quo. Operatio...
The Fight for Canada: Four Centuries of Resistance to American Expansionism
Orchard, David
In an effort to realize their grand dream of one nation from Panama to the Arctic, Americans have attempted to conquer Canada using war, trade sanctions, and political interventions of all kinds. "Tha...
A Movement's Loss: Against The Current vol. 121
Avilés-Vázquez, K.R.
Puerto Rico is neither a state of the union, nor an independent nation-state. Its residents are U.S. citizens, go to war, have one representative in Congress who cannot vote or even present a motion, ...
On Power and Ideology
Chomsky, Noam
Five lectures on U.S. international and security policy.
Oscar Lopez Rivera and the Struggle for Puerto Rican Independence: An Indomitable Spirit of Resistance
Borrero Carlos
Oscar López Rivera has served 32 years in the dungeons of imperialism for the crime of fighting for the independence of Puerto Rico as a member of the Armed Forces for National Liberation (FALN). The ...
Political Persecution in Puerto Rico: Uncovering Secret Files: Against The Current vol. 85
Ayala, César
In the summer of 1987 Puerto Rico was shaken by revelations that the island's police was collecting information on so called “political subversives,” and that it was in possession of thousands of exte...
Political Prisoners Remain Behind Bars as Obama's Term Nears End
Peppe, Matt
In the last full week of Barack Obama's eight year tenure as President of the United States of America, dozens of political prisoners still sit in cages across the nation's prisons, rotting away as Ob...
Puerto Rico: Freedom and Power in the Caribbean
Lewis, Gordon
Details the history of modern Puerto Rico, advancing independence and socialism as the answer to the Puerto Rican tragedy.
Puerto Rico: a Junta By Any Other Name
Cruz Díaz, Miguel A.
Empire is once again fashionable. The financial crisis that is presently gutting the island of Puerto Rico plays out like the world's worst case of botched assisted suicide. The sell of its municipal ...
Puerto Rico Is an Artificial Economy
Jackson, Janine
CounterSpin interview with Ed Morales on Puerto Rican debt crisis.
Puerto Rico, The Oldest U.S. Colony: Against The Current vol. 132
Marzán, César F. Rosado
When I was a high school senior, my history teacher promised the class that the Americans “would land” in Puerto Rico by the New Year. What he meant to tell us was that, different from most Puerto Ric...
Puerto Rico's La Huelga del Pueblo
Bernabe, Rafael
AFTER FORTY DAYS on strike, several paros (one-day stoppages) in various government agencies and a two-day general strike, Puerto Rico's telephone workers have returned to work without attaining their...
Puerto Rico's default is fine, as long as Wall Street is repaid
Roos, Jerome
On August 1, 2015, Puerto Rico defaulted on part of its enormous $72 billion debt, paying back only $628,000 on a relatively small $58 million loan that was due at the start of the month. The default,...
The Sixteenth Puerto Rican Political Prisoner: The Case of José Solís: Against The Current vol. 81
Ruiz, Carmelo
On Friday, March 12, 1999, a new name was added to the list of fifteen Puerto Rican political prisoners currently held in American jails: José Solís Jordán. That day, a federal jury in Chicago found S...
The Slave Trade: The Story of the Atlantic Slave Trade 1440 - 1870
Thomas, Hugh
A comprehensive history of the Atlantic slave trade in which approximiately eleven million black slaves were carried from Africa to the Americas to work on plantations, in mines, or as servants in hou...
A Tale of Two Islands
Prashad, Vijay
A look at the two island nations of Cuba and Puerto Rico in the aftermath of devastating hurricanes; one is a poor socialist state and the other a territory of one of the richest countries in the worl...
A Transformed Force: Against The Current vol. 121
Iterregui, Felix Cordova
The following essay is a translated and edited version of a recent op-ed piece by Félix Córdova Iturregui, a veteran socialist activist, member of the Taller de Formación Política and the Frente Socia...
We, the Puerto Rican People : A Story of Oppression and Resistance
Silen, Juan Angel
Silén restores to his people their history, stolen from them along with their land and independence.
Worker Resistance in Telecommunications
Moody, Kim
LABOR RESISTANCE SEEMS to be spreading, capturing public support, and even winning some gains here and there. Such diverse groups as New York cabbies and construction workers, California nurses and t...

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Nationalist attack of San Juan
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The Nationalist attack of San Juan was one of many uprisings against United States Government rule which occurred in Puerto Rico on October 30, 1950 during the Puerto Rican Nationalist Party revolts. ...