Petroleum Industry

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Big Oil's Ethical Violence: BP and the Armed Suppression of Dissent in Colombia
Coleman, Lara Montesinos
To challenge impunity is not just to attempt to confine abuses to the past. It serves to expose crimes committed, to preserve memory of the past within the present, and to highlight contradictions bet...
Canada Is Now To Climate What Japan Is To Whaling
Monbiot, George
Here I am, watching the astonishing spectacle of a beautiful, cultured nation turning itself into a corrupt petro-state. Canada is slipping down the development ladder, retreating from a complex, dive...
Canada's Toxic Chemical Valley
Aamjiwnaang Solidarity members
About the effects of "Chemical Valley" in the Aamjiwnaang-Sarnia area.
Climate justice movement shakes Canada's New Democratic Party
Fidler, Richard
The impact of the Leap Manifesto at the party convention, argues Richard Fidler, opens major opportunities to deepen the debate on climate justice and to build an ecosocialist left in and around the N...
The end of oil Mired in crude: New Internationalist June 2001
Serial Publication (Periodical)
A look into the facts of the Oil business and its effects on the places it is being harvested.
Fossil Fuel Industry's Global Climate Science Communications Plan in Action: Polluting the Classroom
Jervey, Ben
The Fossil Fuel Industry promotes a plan in U.S. schools to address global climate change. Their plan includes denial, doubt and promoting the merits of fossil fuel.
Future dustbowl? Fracking ravages Great Plains land and water
The fracking boom has caused massive vegetation loss over North America's rangelands, as 3 million hectares have been occupied by oil and gas infrastructure and 34 billion cubic metres of water have b...
How do you stop a pipeline when one family owns both the oil and the media?
Pipeline opponent’s op-ed rejected by Irving-owned newspaper in New Brunswick.
Huge Pipeline Company Kinder Morgan Hired Off-Duty Cops to 'Deter Protests' in Pennsylvania
Brown, Alleen
Kinder Morgan, the self-proclaimed "largest energy infrastructure company in North America," paid $50,000 for off-duty police officers from a Pennsylvania department to patrol a controversial gas pipe...
Tar Sands: Dirty Oil and the Future of a Continent
Nikiforuk, Andrew
To extract the energy from the Alberta tar sands, the world's ugliest, most expensive hydrocrabon, we are polluting our air, poisoning our water, destroying vast areas of boreal forest, and underminin...
Tar sands campaigners are Canada's new 'terrorists'
Dolack, Pete
Canada's Harper government has targeted as a new crime being a member of an 'anti-Canadian petroleum movement', and equating such a stance with terrorism.
The World Without Us
Weisman, Alan
A thought experiment to see what would happen to the planet if human beings simply disappeared.

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Fossil fuels subsidised by $10m a minute, says IMF
Fossil fuel companies are benefitting from global subsidies of $5.3tn (£3.4tn) a year, equivalent to $10m a minute every day.
How ExxonMobil's Spending Bonanza Helped Two British Climate Sceptics Set-Up An International Free Market Think Tank
Montague, Brendan
Roger Bate and Julian Morris of the British free-market think tank, the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA), decided to catch ExxonMobil's gravy train across the Atlantic as they began working for US ...