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Labour Studies Index
The Labour Studies Index is a searchable open-access index of recent publications in Canadian labour studies. It covers books, book chapters, journal articles, reviews, commissioned reports, and these...
Labor Studies Under Siege: Against The Current vol. 118
Luce, Stephanie
More than a decade since the collapse of the Soviet Union, leftists are now more likely to be targeted by the right wing as "terrorists" than as "communists"—yet redbaiting is alive and well in the fi...
Labor's Giant Step: The First Twenty Years of the CIO: 1936–55
Preis, Art
The story of the explosive labor struggles and political battles in the 1930s that built the industrial unions.
Labour's lost leader: The legacy of Tony Benn
Panitch, Leo
From an interview to Tony Benn - sometime in the mid-1990s - his point of view about how broad and profound was the defeat of both trade unionism and the democratic socialist left over the previous de...

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Workers' Health and Safety Centre
The Workers Centre is playing a significant role in transforming workplace health and safety in Ontario. Our training programs and support services equip workers with the knowledge and skills to ident...