Renewing Socialism
Transforming Democracy, Strategy and Imagination

Panitch, Leo
Publisher:  Fernwood Publishing, Canada
Year Published:  2008  
Pages:  296pp   ISBN:  9781552662823
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX8054

Abstract:  This new edition of Leo Panitch's book examines left strategies through questions and essays. Included are: what is the impact of American imperialism on left plans of actions in various parts of the world, the meaning of the demise of the old Communist parties, the Green parties turning towards market socialism and what space is left for a new red-green anti-capitalist coalition? Panitch puts Marx's Manifesto into a contemporary perspective. Also examined is the need for rethinking revolutionary and reformist policies and new strategies for labour in the context of globalization.

Subject Headings

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