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Class Struggle
Ollman, Bertell
A board game created by Bertell Ollman.
'Enough is enough!' Corruptopolis board game satirizes sleazy Spanish politicians
A Spanish student has created a new board game, Corruptopolis, satirizing the corrupt practices of Spain's economic and political elite. In Corruptopolis, players work in teams to answer questions abo...
For the Fun of It! Selected Cooperative Games for children and Adults
Harrison, Marta
Activities that groups of adults, kids, or a mixture can use to develop cooperation and to have fun.
Friendship First
Friendship First
"The Chinese have an attitude toward sport that can best be described as 'friendship first, competition second.'" This manual is an attempt to show children and the adults that work/play with them tha...
Let's Play Together: Co-operative Games for All Ages
Masheder, Mildred
A collection of over 300 games and sports which put co-operation before competition.
The New Games Book
Fluegelman, Andrew (Editor)
A collection of noncompetitive, "play hard" games from the New Games Foundation. Emphasis is on fun and cooperation. Highly recommended.
New videogame gives you a tough course in capitalist theory
Carpenter, Nicole
The video game Crisis Theory aims to teach players about capitalism.
Other Voices: The Connexions Newsletter - June 18, 2016
Serial Publication (Periodical)
This issue of Other Voices features a wide range of issues. The topic of the week is homophobia, the hate that led to 49 deaths in Orlando last week, but which is present in greater or lesser form in ...
Other Voices: The Connexions Newsletter - August 13, 2016: Sports and Politics
Diemer, Ulli (ed.)
Serial Publication (Periodical)
Sports and politics have always been intertwined, though perhaps never as much so as in the current era. In the modern sports era, survival and success depend largely on the favour of corporations, wh...

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Family Pastimes
Designing, making and distributing non-violent games as a positive alternative to war games and toys.

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The City in History
Its Origins, Its Transformations, and Its Prospects
Mumford, Lewis
Beginning with an interpretation of the origin and nature of the city, Mumford follows the city's development from Egypt and Mesopotamia through Greece, Rome, and the Middle Ages to the modern world.
Gamify my Booth
Siskind, Barry
With the rise of Genxers and millenials in trade shows today, sequestering visitors may require a radical change. Why not incorporate elements of games in your booth.
Level up: how PlayStation infiltrated youth culture
Stuart, Keith; Boxer, Steve
Twenty years ago, new games consoles began appearing in nightclub chillout rooms, subversive TV ads and cutting-edge style magazines. Keith Stuart and Steve Boxer describe how Sony created the PlaySta...
1,000 Days of Syria – Turning War Journalism into a Game
Parkin, Simon
How an American journalist is attempting to tell the story of Syria’s conflict through an online adventure game.
Sports & Games Topic Index in Sources Directory of Experts
Spokespersons, Experts, and Resources
A subject guide to experts and spokespersons on topics related to sports and games in the Sources directory for the media.

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Family Pastimes
Catalogue of co-operatively played games to be purchased by mail-order.