Events 1600-1699

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Bacon's Rebellion: Connexipedia Article
An uprising in which poor whites and poor blacks united against Natives.
The English Revolution: Connexipedia Article
The period of the English Civil Wars and Commonwealth period 1640-1660, in which Parliament challenged King Charles I's authority, engaged in civil conflict against his forces, and executed him in 164...
The English Revolution 1640
Hill, Christopher
Midland Revolt: Connexipedia Article
A popular uprising which took place in the Midlands of England in 1607.
Penal transportation: Connexipedia Article
The deporting of convicted criminals to a penal colony. Examples include transportation by France to Devil's Island and by the UK to its colonies in the Americas, from the 1610s through the American R...
Pueblo Revolt: Connexipedia Article
An uprising of many pueblos of the Pueblo people against Spanish colonization of the Americas in the New Spain province of New Mexico in 1680.
Virginia's Indentured Servants' Plot: Connexipedia Article
Servants' uprising over inadequate food.