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Connexions: Volume 3, Number 5 - September 1978
Serial Publication (Periodical)
Day Care In New Brunswick
Day Care in New Brunswick is intended as a practical guide to day care policies and services in New Brunswick and is of particular interest to parents.
Organizing in a Small Town
Two members of the Toronto Liberation School
Experiences in organizing in a small town in Ontario in the early 1970s.
Responsible Day Care
As in most provinces, the funding and administration of day care in British Columbia is spread among three provincial ministries: Health, Education and Human Resources (Social Services).

Connexions Directory of Groups & Websites

Ontario Coalition for Better Childcare
We lobby provincial and federal governments to establish a comprehensive, high quality, universal accessible child care system in Ontario with a massive increase in public funding.
Child Care Advocacy Association of Canada
Advocate for accessible, affordable, high quality, comprehensive, not for profit child care for every Canadian.
Citizens for Public Justice
CPJ is a national organization promoting justice in Canadian public affairs, responding politically to God's call for love toward our neighbour and responsibility for our environment. We use research,...
Woodgreen Community Centre
Committed to a comprehensive community approach to enhance the quality of life and self-determination for all people of East Toronto.

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Day-care issue remains unsolved
Diemer, Ulli
A look at the daycare issue at the University of Toronto in the fall of 1972.

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This is Our Place
Serial Publication (Periodical)
Alternative resources for low income families.